Collaborators with the Truth: The Concept of “Lay Empowerment” according to Apostolicam Actuositatem by Michael Reeve

14 05 2014

Collaborators with the Truth[1]: The Concept of “Lay Empowerment” according to Apostolicam ActuositatemImage

The laity likewise share in the priestly, prophetic, and royal office of Christ and therefore have their own share in the mission of the whole people of God in the Church and in the world.[2]

As I was pondering on what will be my topic about this theological paper on the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, I deem it serendipitous that the Church in the Philippines is also celebrating the Year of Laity.[3] This celebration, Year of Laity, is part CBCP’s 9-year spiritual journey towards the 500th year of Christianization of our islands. The Church in the Philippines has planned a nine years of integral evangelization, with a theme for each year. Anyway, I chose to dedicate my “theological paper” on laity, for the reason that I have so many presumptions before concerning this topic and I deem it occasional also that I will dedicate time and effort to explore further on this “seemingly crucial” concern for me. I believe that it could overshadow and enlighten my presuppositions and perspectives on this congruous topic. Frankly speaking, I was quite sensitive whenever I heard topics about “lay empowerment.” I am not saying that I am against lay empowerment; rather, on so much emphases about it. I am coming from the reality of clericalization of laity and laicization of the clergy as an “endemic” concern sprouted after Vatican II. So, join me, as I embark on my personal exploration of this topic with much hope and aspirations.

Anyway, we can ask as many questions as we can concerning this topic, but the bottomline will always be: What role do the laity play in the Church’s apostolic activity? Are they simply to follow the instructions of the hierarchy? Do they have an apostolic mission in their own right? The answers to these questions can be found on the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council Decree on the Apostolate of Laity, Apostolicam Actuositatem. The responses to the questions stipulated above will be answered “thoroughly,” in a sense that the answers perforated the questions. However, before discussing any topic about the apostolate of the laity, I think it is essential to highlight once again if where all these things are coming from. Of course, all these missionary activities and apostolates came from our Triune God. Our Triune God is the source of the Church’s mission. The image of the Blessed Trinity is the most perfect image of relationship: a loving communion of persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Since, we were created in His image and likeness; we are all also called to love one another as our loving God loves us. And out of love, He saved us also from our frailties and sins, by sending his only-begotten Son. It is “God-Son-man” himself who reaches-out to us. In Jesus Christ, God revealed his love and concern for us. Jesus proclaimed the good news to us that there are ways to be called “sons-of-God” again. Our missionary activities emanate from these realities that instigate us to proclaim what Christ proclaimed almost two thousand years ago until it reaches to the ends of the earth. Wondrously speaking, the message of the Gospel does not change; the good news remains the same. So, it is crucial that the effects of the message of the Gospel that we heard should be seen in the most eloquent moments of our lives. And out of this good news that Christ proclaimed, the Church continues to proclaim what his Divine Master has commanded. Our Holy Mother Hierarchical Church continues God’s work of bringing this Good News to its fulfilment and realization.

Going back to our discussion about the apostolate of laity and the role that they play, it derives from their Christian vocation.[4] It is from their being Christians that they partake in the Church’s apostolate. The call towards apostolate is a response to spread the kingdom of Christ for the glory of God the Father, to enable all men to share in His saving redemption and…. that the whole world might enter into relationship with Christ.[5] For laity to have an apostolate also signifies their being sent. The Dogmatic Constitution on the Nature of the Church Lumen Gentium says that lay apostolate is a participation in the salvific mission of the Church. Through their baptism and confirmation all are commissioned to that apostolate by the Lord Himself.[6] These council documents answered the questions about the roles of the laity on the mission of the Church. The council documents exemplified also their indispensable role to be evangelizers themselves. The laity also shares in the ministry of the Church especially on its missionary commitment commenced by its Divine Master. In the Church, there is a diversity of ministries but one of mission. Christ conferred on the Apostles and their successors the duty of teaching, sanctifying, and ruling in His name and power. As a consequence, the laity likewise share in the priestly, prophetic, and royal office of Christ and therefore have their own share in the mission of the whole people of God in the Church and in the world.[7] As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said in his Homily delivered at Vespers in the Cathedral of Léon, Mexico, “It is not right for them [the laity] to feel treated like second-class citizens in the Church.”[8] With this exhortation of our pope-emeritus, we could say how important the role that they play towards evangelization and the sanctification of God’s people. Thus, they also participate in the missionary activity of the Church as different from the roles played by the members of the hierarchy. The roles that they play, i.e., the laity and hierarchy, are the differentiating factors that separate them. However, the hierarchy and laity, “go hand in hand” in propagating God’s message to the ends of the earth, and through them they may also share the joy that the Gospel conveys. This reality also testifies that hierarchy and laity collaborate[9] in order for the Divine Truth could be known throughout the whole world.[10] To follow the truth places oneself in its service.

As the apostolate of laity derives from Christ’s redemptive work, the roles that they play are not only to bring the message and grace of Christ to men but also to penetrate and perfect the temporal order with the spirit of the Gospel.[11] By temporal order, we mean, all aspects that touches the life of the humanity should be transformed in concordance to the mind of the Church, the custodian of Eternal Truth. Thus, the laity plays an indispensable role in re-evangelizing and re-transforming the temporal aspect of humanity, they will diligently do what they can to explain, defend, and properly apply Christian principles.[12]This is the objective that the council document Apostolicam Actuositatem was decreed by the Council Fathers. The Council Fathers saw the urgent need to intensify its apostolic activity due to modern conditions and developments, since the areas for the lay apostolate have been immensely widened particularly in fields that have been for the most part open to the laity alone.[13] The Fathers proposed this decree in order that these areas may become capable of rectifying the distortion of the temporal order and directing it to God through Christ.[14] With these epochal developments in human history, the Church, by reading the signs of times, saw that the People of God must vigorously adapt to the needs of times, for the Church to be more relevant. While Pastors must clearly state the principles concerning the purpose of creation and the use of temporal things and must offer the moral and spiritual aids by which the temporal order may be renewed in Christ; the laity must take up the renewal of the temporal order as their own special obligation.[15] And from this very concrete words of this council document, the concept “lay empowerment” was brought forth. The signs of times necessitate that laity should play an active role in society, since, it is primarily their role to engage with the world. The role of the clergy is to empower and guide the laity in fulfilling their apostolic mission. The concept of the “lay empowerment,” according to the words of the Council Fathers and by reading it meticulously, is not something new after all. It already existed from the very beginning of the Church, all throughout its history and tradition. Now, with the emergence of so many pastoral concerns about the fast changing world, the hierarchy needs the help of laity in order that the message of Christ can still permeate and perforate the lives of the contemporary people. The hierarchy should promote the apostolate of the laity, provide it with spiritual principles and support, direct the conduct of this apostolate to the common good of the Church, and attend to the preservation of doctrine and order.[16] Consequently, the Church laboriously spent time, effort and resources to educate and equip its laity.[17] As of now, we can see how the Church value their role by establishing institutes and formation houses geared towards fulfilling their own roles at the service of the Church. The formation modules given include spiritual, practical and technical based on a solid doctrinal instruction in theology, ethics, and philosophy adjusted to differences of age, status, and natural talents.[18] As the Church has seen the visible participation of the lay faithful in diverse ministries, she aimed that these ministries should be guided by particular laws and norms that solidifies their respective roles.[19] The laws and norms were laid down by the Church in order that they may properly function what are their rights and duties in exercising ministries so as to delineate responsibilities and to avoid confusions. By doing so, the Church bore in mind that laws and norms weren’t laid out just for the sake of having them, but a reminder for us to see the different aspects that ministries employ in the service of the Church and her mission.

After 51 years since the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, we are slowly reaping the fruits that the Council implanted. The council paved the way for the lay faithful to actively participate in the mission of the Church. However, diverse pastoral concerns also sprouted after the council. And out of those pastoral concerns, I would like to highlight the “seemingly endemic” attitude of the compartmentalization of the Church. It is a situation that shows deficiencies in our faith: the faith of many is uninstructed and faith being separated from way of life.

These realities are very much true to us Filipinos; it explicitly describes our typical split personality. Seeing these realities, the challenge ahead of us are: to know the content of our faith and to bear witness to it by living our faith.[20] We often hear about “vocation crisis” and how it could possibly be solved in a number of ways. Although there is a real crisis with regards to the number of priestly vocations, there is an equally grave and related crisis in the area of lay vocations. Ergo, the vocation crisis isn’t just for priests; but also for lay faithful. We are in crisis; and this should be addressed properly. It is coincidental that the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis was released in order to address this critical situation of ours. The exhortation, in my own view, encourages us to recover once more the essential meaning of how we should live our faith in today’s world. Since, Christianity is based on good news, evangelium. The Church is on emergency to proclaim this good news with fresh ardor, joyful attitude, and jubilant expressions. The “joy of the gospel” is an urgent message that should be spread to all.  And by spreading this good news, it instigates us to be missionary disciples in whatever we do. We should be attentive to the promptings of the Spirit and read the signs of times scrupulously. Thus, this good news is not meant to be enclosed in our own private lives rather should be seen eloquently in public. The spread of this good news should always be outward not inward. This kind of movement is exemplified by a classic adage, bonum diffisivum sui.   In a gist, God’s message should always be proclaimed and heard by all with such urgency.

Moreover, we are all grateful to our Holy Father Pope Francis for giving us an insightful thought to recover once more the freshness of the Gospel by spreading it with joy.  After all, we can say that Christianity and its lay faithful is on emergency to be empowered to be themselves: to be Christ in the middle of the world!




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daw kabuhi gid!

14 09 2012


perfect  iRONy  perfect




                                                      H U M A N I T Y


                                        The Decompositionables.;,.


                                              Human Thinking








In the beginning was the word…

words, words’s, words’s’s and more


Freedom is humanity’s toughest





Its farcical lawyer.

Its jail?

It’s just itself


Life is just and always a battle…


are complimented with

-great jobs,

-thumbs up,

And take their leave.


Those imprisoned as…

shithole diggers.





ere it; comes the function of self-incomposibility, where, the self and the “I Am” is and are the irony of every irony of everything; lies.

The possibilities of something and even of everything completed and accomplished when impossibilities raise hands sideways. This is to capture and to put into human definition the set-up of all that is, the extension of the universe from its origin again and origin again and…think more, it’s just somewhere there. Do you think there will be an end for all these and will-be-these-ness? Like as human thinking shouts? Do you think this ‘believe-verse’ shall be gone? The perfect-symphonically explanation as to it will let you see a certainty of one end in this categorically exposed dirt in human history- NO! Never! Destroyed maybe- BASI pa! Why? Because this ‘outa-here’ will just re-create itself from one span of human thinking cut/ – to start another all over again and then surely, again. This is the fundamental intensive unspeakable-unthinkable-unacceptable-ironical structure and processes all things are-will-be.

This is just the rebounding of unending rebounding cycle of everything. A mirror facing dramatically with another self-projecting mirror yet without an open eye to clearly see, RECOGNIZE AND EVEN ACCEPT ITSELF. It will only be gone when no more to be destroyed. It will only accept its end when end itself won’t ever come. The accomplishment of one possibility creates the function of the formulation of another new freshly one. The principle – if one tells end, so thus, another begins.

Philosophically speaking, I am mirroring you a theory as if relevant and very-connectant-relative to what Stephen Hawking signed-up, you must met him definitely, it’ll be a hell of devastion if ever we’ll meet then and there.  However, the draft is far beyond, this concept of thinkability is recyclable as the end is the beginning and the beginning is constantly merry with the same principle-destruction.

If we try to relate this conceptual blueprint to what we call ‘religiosity’ or bwisitly-deliberately connected with your most popularly praised oppressor- GOD; ano ang matabo? You may possibly ask this hesitantably inquiry and you may always and never answer it honestly too.


The answer will basically be unequelibrially critical as to how this principle should rise.


I hate doing this.


Meaning, the denyabilibility of God’s omnipotency. One may ask that if He has all the powers to settle these things up- as God-;. then why is why? Are we created as puppet for a puppeteer to puppetingly enjoy Himself? Daw tando’2x? If not, do you think your Creator is board only with His own even with angels and saints in heaven? What do you think? Faithly matters? I think, I can’t.


Meaning, that no argument is given enough acceptance as to questioning everything why. Maano ka man abi? Para lang kuno abi may pamangkot? Kag para kuno abi may sabat jang mga kabagayan? Paklaro? Hangpanay? Well, this falls then to the foundation of the idea where we are at this moment.

I’ve trashedaway the life inside seminary not because I have to unload the burden of vocation nor got checked-off with the network of religion, but I was just considering the other sides of things. What I dealt that while ago was the acceptance of those seen sides and what must be fixed priorly; (1. Both soul and body, 2. Just soul, 3. Just body) Ano ayhan? Basically, the last thing always has to say about this, for the denyabilibility of soul is even obvious and clean than its presence argueably. Nga-a? kay wala gid man mum! We always believe that the body cannot but have life with a certain specified illfated soul. And we are even forced to believe in that. And a must in this matter, this soul then controls it. If the soul demands and chooses so, then the body unargueably follows. The body in this context is a slaven-container that never ever has a choice for itself; never say no, never rejects, never denies, never as is as it must be.

In my case, it’s different. I say the opposite. I have no soul then? Ask me or ask yourself. Now, if you are answering it my way and that perfectly-composed-syllable soul stooped you, then, basi namata-mata lang ko. Hmmmm…..see! teh wa-ay gid man noh? Asa pa tong soul nga to. Kontrolado na gid man kaw? Asa ka man!

That’s because beyond theoretical principle of theology of everything and anything, it will still remain a “logy”, with it- this argumentic basin shall follow this same way all over again:

4.  where the soul came from?

3. is it inevitable that when sperm and egg cells unite, soul must be            there and then as the other side of equation?

2. then, if this doubt then has its way amidst it; can the soul come prior or later?

1. if not,;- because it must settle within the   principle of (3), would you believe in a soul without a body as it speaks? Then, how about the body without soul?

Is it in the primacy of life over death? Is it because life is held by it or you won’t just accept it? Is it because history has told you then and books had it written? Then I tell you frankly….

….somebody is shitting on your



You can add more to that. It will only depend on how you accept the believing and seeing of that matter. But all that, even this, will just be spatial temporal arguments. The body has it and I’m sure the soul may say the same (if you still want to put it in so). But they are all the numeric factors of one equational function where the answer denies itself as it is.

In this sphere, what most important is not us –human. We are gifted with understanding as we think, and this understanding is the speck and crumbs that limit it has already settled for itself and became the stop-light of eve-any-thing. The cycle of the world and more, its rotation never resides on the principles of our humanistic understanding and decision. It’s not just for us. However; by this understanding, naghanggod olo tah.

It’s the STAND!

And when you hold unto that stand,

prolong it

–          It will be a STANDING.

And when you keep-up for something with what it STANDS;

You will and must be under that STANDS.

–          That is why –


Will always be bound under it.

Under that standing.

Kung gets mo.

Let’s name it, as it named itself;





For the meaning of this ‘understanding’ which is in the same way and true with mentality and thingking, learning and studying that would only, by only, for only and with only be – never contented.

However, you are still amazed by the beauty of their motivations. They will always tell you, you’re in your own, creating you’re your own world; in-view of it, in-want, in-terpret of it… and look at you now. Naghanggod rang bagul mo. Nangin lugay kaw man nga mangita gid it ana lugar para ot-otan. You are to make a world where you always has the contentment to excitingly suffer the fruit of all your actions. You and your human world that is creating side by side the atmosphere of mutual destruction, mutual insuffeceincy and more…you wanna know. That’s because of all the steps towards intelligence; studying, learning, educating… in other words, raping it all – PROSTITUTING.

Good Nietzsche would argue that the world must be internal, but is it true? Would you believe him? Or with old Confucius seeing it as duty? These two just want to take in that one’s responsibility for worldly humanity, ideally – not for the goodness of this EARTH. Even answering it in doable-practical manner, in their cases, they’ve done otherwise.

The concept is clear. All must be in temporal structure and bounding to it is their unescapable unboundingability. So why care for this body? Or this physical pigmented funnable world? Why struggle for this earth or this “believe-verse”, if it will only be just here and now?

If you’ll ask the same, then you will be catching yourself with me seeing the same fate of siditic principle where and what I am looking at now. You are just looking at the walk of a man who has just lost everynothing. Because that’s the most undenyable fact of what it means to have life in this precious earth, daw may madura gid kuno kanimo and little by little it became now the human shit place. Pity! But good.


s human, we begin the spreading as virus causes the cancer that eats-up and attacks the body – this earth.

Kay tungod lang sa kagustuhan kang tawo magpatawhay, gina-ot-ot na dun kalibutan na.

And with all these human efforts of growth and development of this unfortunate civilization, it’s end point is just the abyss of chaotic happiness and improved uselessness because of definite desire to live and survive in this kind of time, in this kind of way; by-in which more and more lead you to the factual bliss of goodness where destruction goes so easy.

But do not forget!

This Eartheanosphere is more valuable than all the souls it has. Kung may jan gid man. And throughout history, we are blinded by the philosophical fundamental principle that human –US, must be the most important and became functionally highest-technical being that must control and overpower everything. By this however, hiding in such intention we call ‘responsibility’ as the center of all these “believe-verse”. With it, human selfishness heightened and soon be-exploded. Matabo gid ran. Hulat-hulata lang.

And until now, we are fooled worstly by that kind of blissly-shitted thinking.

Sin-o gid timo haw?

Malabay kaw man lang jah!

Mapasin-o-sin-o kaw gid!

Turok sa palibot mo!

Burbay matunaw kaw dun!

Burbay mapalong kaw dun!

Burbay tigok kaw dun!

Teh ano?

Mangsamit-samit kaw gid?

Mang-intra2x kaw gid?

Mangguba kaw pa imo…

… du ma-oy kaw!

This idea is stoically affected in strict sense, daw mata eh noh? But try to ask yourself what’s more important; yourselfishness or the next generational earth that made all things here and now and will exist continuously, longer; your sons’ and daughters’ world after you that would inevitably be enjoying with your shit left behind?

Ware and be, if you still follow the same principles and way of old comfort rooms, the kind of thinking that this world was, is and will be teaching you, all over others.

Cut it off. Morethan trashing it out – Flush it away and begin afreshly new. Panguli kaw mig hah, basi lipat kaw!

Critical thinking? Sabton ta sa karay-a ran! Cri-TIKAL, thinking ran! Bo-ot hambalon, ano pa bi –TIKAL2X-ing2X lang. Teh? Gwa gid problema kung tirahun ta it karay-a!

Kay homo-sapien kaw? Dapat at the reason of thinking kaw gid pirmi…pay homo japun – meaning; la-o kaw man japun mig. Yab-ok kaw man japun magmara. Muta-on, sip-onon, buringon.

Kag tulad, you are characterized by or exemplifying the strengths, weakness, struggles that would be unlikely same and typical of man and mankind. Is that it?

Kag wara kuno it square circle or oblong triangle nga mga shapes. Tas dapat 1+1 equals 2 gid, di pwede 1+1 equals 0 or 1 or 3 or 11. Illogical kuno! Mathematics dapat nga rules mangibabaw jan. kundi tinunto! Ang math asta man lang sa calculations ran, meaning ang katapusan na approximations lang man. Kag kalabanan temporaryo lang ana dalagan. Teh hinalo gid. Patima-an lang ran nga asta lang gid man sa sulod ka bagul otok nyo. Mayad man daad;  may olo

may otok

rako nga otok

pay wara isip.

Logic man bala, teh make it logically illogical. Mathematics man bala ran kag, teh nga-a daw mangin rules pa ran kang tanan aw? Sure kamo karan? Approximate lang? Basi gin calculate nyo duman? Explain logically kag sulbara to the exact kung nga-a nag-minango ran. Aber!

Amo ran ang rason nga matyagan ta para kanaton dya tanan – bilang tawo, rang understanding nga ran in the road of what we call learning fortified by the bliss of THINKING. This is the kind of view and way of thinking that philosophy gave and taught us for hundred of centuries – it has solved to fool itself logically. The mother of all fuck-ups were assumptions; Socrates was their good and responsible father; and you know how they named themselves as siblings?….. philosophers.

Kay man nag-think2x ka pah!

That is because; “philosophy” as we named it, is a bitter-sweet-souced-shit all others have left behind. Grilled and prepared for everyhuman, for all to enjoy.  Laba-ab pa ran mig. Hingabot – para gid ran kanimo.

And what process is letting us see the next step after all of these?


decomposition now begins.

























It’ll begun when people of old called themselves “PERSONS” (sons of ‘per or make it ‘fear’) and made everything else revolved around them as the middle point of all that is. And not so long ago they’ve managed to hide everybit of truth left in this fated world inside a hollowed dignity and at that time, they’ve begun to call their species – human.


ne blind man started all the trails and until then, even now, that man is trying hardly to guide in control more blinds by his trails fortified by those who followed him, still. Remarked as the father of all lovers of wisdom, that man is still putting boundaries of everything with all new generation of blind-followers by believing – Socrates.

As the cornerstone of all humanity, Socratic-world has created all schemes of confusions that certified the destruction of European nations, making them suffer enjoyingly and at this blinky moment, more and more nations follow and more than ever, blind minds are getting worse that bound on its fate – Being human.

Under certain rules and rites, contained under surety of boundaries; one becomes virtuous, noble and man-at-his-best as human. Named and honored by himself, the highest and fittest of all-beings on earth, he enjoys all the comforts of this blueskiedsphere and he, by all means, under his control and tolerated-greediness, more and more he enjoys greatly he suffers.

What is clear, what is that bold obviousness? No matter how wealthy you become, how wise you are to be, Blessed and Begotten, unspeakably; you’ll just and still be – a humble fertilizer. Even how we put all theseness under our most powerful scheme of control – decomposition surely awaits. Its fate is still its own unstoppable call for bouncing in itself again…again. For even those so-called owners and heirs of this oblate-spheroidic stone are fatedly contain-contentedly inside governmental jail we created. Until death we are bounded, until then even, until that time, we will be sure and certain that the pit we’re running away from, the pit we always manage to get escape, that pit is just under our own very feet.

Until then, gani, more so, we are idiotized by those beliefs we try to hold, understand and embrace made by people just greedy of everything, people we call “human” under the banner of fellowship we commonly looked-up as philosophers.

In our case, jah sa pilipinas, mga PARI pa ran kalabanan. People bacterialized with power and pride, insecurities and discomforts, faith and deceptions. GBU.

Clear as the falling rain water. Certain as tomorrow may feel and cold as coming of fever winds, chilling. Humanity as it was in the beginning will be forever a jail for us all. PIT-y, CR-azy and good. All we know, it’s still good.


Captured in the wilderness of our freedom, hidden in front of all our rights and moronized our open-eyed-pleasurized-dreamingly faith so that those who blessed themselves schooled and learned by teachers and instructions will be taking much pleasure in an edge to control most of us. They always carry the scary-framed weapons we usually bark as “UNDERSTANDING”. And as human, belonged and jailed inside this all-rulic world, we always fear them. It was and is and may be, will be because we are afraid we are to lose something, in which in truth, never happened when we fail to abide them. Kay man, kuno abi silutan! And even with our own consent, we gave them all the satisfactions and say “sige, mus-oni nyo du lang olo namun.” Cute and magnificent, it was good decoratively-painted proposition where we are always delighted to be amazed with. Shiny and scary –“UNDERSTANDING”. Amo ran kay pirmi lang under ka ran. Bawal abi OVER mum. Kung daad overstanding ran may ligwa pa gamay. Ano man abi kay ang higko nga natongtong sa olo mo gin-absorb mo man. But still, it’s good, as the dirt of old passed unto us. Magnificent as the filth they’ve left behind and cute as monsters we love, always love to fear. Because of

                  S   anity’s sake,

                 H  onor,

                 I  ntegrity and most of all, the

peak of  all trails –

                 T  heism.

Kita mo?

Here it is my dear.


Because of humanity, freedom came as the limit of all. Bisan anhon mo ran kalusot, may buho kaw gid nga apukan mig. Kay man ta-e mo ran, may buho gid ran nga agyan. And now, it became an obligation and duty one should carry painfully-happy… made to be abused, created for one certain purpose – to control.

There was once a time,

When people hold their own way

By their own selves.

We fun to call them savages, muggers, thugs, brute, barbaric, sapat-sapaton, talunon, t’boli indi gani – ati. But until we cannot go back unto it, this humanistic era will continue to play its role to suppress and oppress us. That time, until we go back to that Homeric-erent where foxes always long to go.

Tyempo nyo dun dya mga rebelde it bagul.

Rise-up kag maghimuta.

…it’s a couple of rooms where humen deliberately run in’purpose inside and sealed MEN/WOMEN – for free. There, the’re flushing it away.


worthwhile nga kabuhi imo



dagdagan mo pil-as kang


Iti ka human.

human nga iti.







Nasa tao ang gawa,


Nasa Diyos ang awa.



Tingala man ko!

Kalulu-oy gid man kang tawo.





ach civilization is warned inside fearness not to break any functions it has to handle as to surely locked-up humanity by that jail it looked above; freedom, religion, love residing heart and heaven paired with hell, clothed supposed to be one of its very-special, most honored species, choosen and forced to be inside it – human.


Daw tawo nga ginaburantoy. Mga bagay nga nagapugong sa isa ka tawo nga makagwa bilang isa ka-tinuga para mangin isa dulang gid ka tinuga. Fantastically idiotangible kag pirti gid ka ayos. Bisan magsulat ka dya, daw makulba-an kaw gid. Unethical kag disrespectful. Kay indi dun kaw madara kang sestema nanda.

Nga-a? kay epahabog mo tong sacred rules of believing on everything kag magbinu-ang kuno abi. Kay man, sa nagakadapat nga panan-awan, muran ang dagdagan kang tawo pag-nagsulod tana sa comfort room kang philosophical toilet of intelligence.

Kay nga-a? “Human” gid abi mum. Human nga nahuman gani tinuga. Amo man ran, kung gusto mo papitlan nga philosopher kaw, sunod2x kaw man dapat sa sestema nanda, binu-ang kaw man. Taw-an pa nanda kaw mig diploma kag medal daw. PROTOCOL pa ran. Kag masami, pride pa ran kang isa ka tawo bansagan kag papitlan ka ran.


inti-an man!

Tingala man ko kay. It has been millennia of fooling around sa sini nga mga bagay. Katingalahan pay matu-od gid man nga binu-ang kay puro man lang abi pagpatalang. Didto lang pirmi sa dayaw2x, good work, nice compliments kag kuno abi ayos2x. Pay ang pagtubang sa dapat atubangon ato ay, likod ang ginados-dos.

Sa matuod, daw wara gid man ah! Labay2x lang. Sulaton ko dyang sugilanon nga dya para ano? Para kanimo? Olo mo. Para magsunod sa mga layi kang pagsulat rehos kang mga binilyon nga libro sa kalibutan nga ginsulod sa isa ka box kag e-seal kang “ruled”. Teh ano nabu-ol nyo kay puro lang sunod2x. Kay amo jang ma-abtan nyo? Amo dun ja ang kalibutan nyo? Ayos lang man? Sigurado gid. Kay teh liwa2x, wara it gamo.

Amo lang ja sarangan ka sestema nyo?

Hina eh!

Para tayuyon lang nga linong? Pay sa tu-od2x lang, problema ko gid ran halin kauna, patunto-tunto man lang gali ran. Kay man kung sin-o tong master na ang rules, doctor sa ana panan-awan, maaram kag hangkilan, amo to ang nagaabuso sa pagkontrol. Kalulu-oy man lang ang katawhan, ginhimo nanda harampangan. Daw yoyo. More free in this sense?

Ato ay, ang tawo – trompo.

That’s why when you get in there, fill your emptiness kag nalab-ot mo dun ang putok-putukan kang kabuhi they will always say IT’S YOUR TURN. IMO DUN RAN TURNO MAGTIYOG-TIYOG.


Mangkot kaw. ‘Di gid man big deal kanakun dyang ginkuris mo, ano labot ko? Sakto ran mig. Wara gid man kaw it labot. Igo mo gid spot na. Sa prangkahanay lang nga istorya, ano gid man abi labot mo? Lasi mo eh! Ginsulat ko dya indi gid man para kanimo ah. Labot ko man kanimo? Para sa masunod nga hinirasyon? Asa eh! Teh, para ano pa gani insa ginkuris dya? Wara lang, gamo lang tana otok ko, kag gusto ko lang atubangon ya kaugalingon ko. Ikaw haw? Natubang mo dun cute face mo? Ukon pati kaugalingon mo na-atik mo? Sige ah, sigeha lang, ma-enjoy mo man japun ran? Garing  teh, ang pamangkot

Asta lang timo dyan?

Kalulu-oy kaw gid man.

Man-an mo kung insa ang humanity nga ginatawag pirmi lang dagdag? Teh kay asta lang sa pati2x. Patiha si nanay kag tatay mo kay ginikanan mo ran. Pamatii kag sunda si lolo kag lola mo kay mas may ekzperyensya tanda ka ran… and more. Daw gapamati kaw lang kanta mum. And it’s always very nice to hear. Dapat sunod kaw sa rules kay may silot ran. PUTA

Indi kaw mag kwan…

Indi kaw mag-amo ka ran…

Indi kaw mag-amo ka to…

kay silutan timo.

Gin-obra lang ran kang mga tawo ka-una nga nahadlok madura-an kang pwesto kag lugar sa matag-as nga posisyon sa sosyidad. T’was a long time ago. Isipa bala kung pira dun ka hinirasyon kang tawo anda na-tando2x. kag tulad padara-dara man tinyo? Padara2x man timo. Kag butungon nyo pa ko. Controlon nyo pa ko. Intrahan nyo pa ko. Linti! Kung padara2x kaw timo, larga to. Sige, pila to sa mga mapalangit, halong gid kaw ha.

Kung hindi kaw pa handa para sa mga masunod nga mga mabasahan mo, quit reading.

Kay ‘di takun gusto basulon lang kang isa ka tampuhaw nga tawo.

Kay man surebol gid! Mangita kag mangita gid rang “humanity” nga ran kang barasulon na pag-nagdagdag sa urihi. Isa ka pah! Kag laban2x trip mo man ran. Amo lang jah wigit ko kanimo ah. Sa tanan nga kabagayan nga nagakalatabo, rehos kang humanity, man-an mo kung sin-o dapat mo basulon? Man-an mo kung sin-o ulihan mo tapos mo pamus-on? Turok sa espeho. Dyan sigurado gid makita mo


Teh ano abi kay pati2x kaw man sa mga masunod…




…because  there is freedom




Amo ran ang nagapa-selfish

Kang tawo.

Ang rason kang tanan

Nga tinunto.

Ang nagapa-away kaninyo.




May tiya ako, si Maria, daw kuti batasan – takaban. Bansag ko kana si pakuring, “Maria Pakuring”. Mayad nga tawo. Mayad nga tiya, kay man la-on. Mayad nga bugto, kay man agot. Basta daw okey man lang. amo ran kung mango kaw, kung bulag kaw kag hangag magpanilag kana. Nga-a? Because there is freedom.

May tiya pa gid ako, si Nena. Dya tana unique2x pa gid. Tawag ko kana “balingag”. Mapinangamuyu-on, matinu-ohon, balingag pay orotisun. Mayad man nga tawo pay budlay intindihon. It’s because, there is freedom.


aaaah……… pati2x kaw duman kanakun nga tunto kaw. Sige lang ah, padayuna lang mig, kag imawi ko. Sabton ta dyang mga bagay nga-a nag-muran dyang darwa. Insat dyang mga mal-am rehos dead end nanda – freedom.

Pagusto takun?

Ano gid bala? Pagusto kaw gid man? Dyang darwa amo ran sakit nanda. Kay isa pa, paryentihanay daan. Ang langka dapat gid man daad mamunga langka pay kis-a ang langka gapamunga gali paho. Amo ran, indi lang anga, kundi mango2x. Dyang darwa destined gid nga tandem. Rehos nga la-on, amo man ran, teh apok gid sa surugbahan ka freedom, kay man, indi gusto intrahan. Pay mang-intra ran. Kay man mal-am dun, dapat mo gid patihun. Dapat mo gid taha-on. Dapat mo gid baslan ka mga karaydanan nga ginta-o nanda kauna. And it’s good really. It’s nice to hear it from them. Very-very-nice. Ano2x man pikoy man! Manami pamati-an mum! Liwat2x.

Pay teh!

Beyond any speeches, bisan anhon mo kapugong, ang tawo, sigurado; may higko gid ran nga burun-ahon.

Paano mo taha-on tong tawo nga wara man mismo gapataha? Paano mo patihon tong tawo nga wara man gani it ginapatihan? Paano mo taw-an it karaydanan tong tawo nga in your face ginatumboy na dun ikaw? Pagusto kaw man eh noh? Sige lang, higugma-a lang. Tu-od kaw? Muromatyagun ta janay, kinahanglan mo pa gid man magbasa kung ipas-ok mo gid ang gugma nga ran. Pagusto kaw? Okey gid! It’s your freedom?

Galagas kaw man kang worthwhile nga klasi kang kabuhi? Teh kadto to kananda.

Pay teh, rehos dyang darwa, imaw kaw to sa listahan nanda.

Nakapagusto kaw gid man?

Sigurado kaw?

Laban, ang pagusto mo ngaran nasulod man japun sa isa ka box nga ang limit na tana man? Gwa na kutaw2x lang? Try mo bala pang-usisa. Laban2x gid under some rules for itself ran. Kay man ang freedom nga ran, amo man ran ang nagahigot sa li-og ka tawo for the sake nga mangin tawo lang gid mismo. Rehos lang kang nalawig nga baka, kay man baka. Ukon baboy nga natangkal, kay man baboy. Rang tawo nga balingag pay sa likod na karan? Sa tu-od2x – hangag.

Wara kaw kama-an kung san-o kag paano kaw gid man makapagusto ay? Kung naman-an mo dun, share man bi kanakun mig. Hinangag tana rang pagusto nga gina-mean mo. Kay man tulad, each kind of freedom you will be invoking, jan imaw na karan limitasyon na nga nagalawig kana – responsibily ran tawag. Na-define dun abi ran. Amo nga nalimitahan. It’s because amo ran ang nasulat kag amo ran hambal nanda, tulad kag kauna. Amo man ran ta-e nanda sa olo mo nga asta tulad daw sa nami-an man timo.

Reklamo kaw kanakun

Ethics mo diin? Laban gid amo ran balus mo. Teh ano? May dyan kaw aw? May jan gid man ran aw? Sa otok lang ran asta mig. Wara ran sa realidad. Sa realidad guro kang bagul, pati ko. Pay gamita bala’. Ma-prove gid pagka-oto2x mo. Jan sigurado gid ko. Y? lawig ran mig kang baka nga gin-disaynan lang it ribbon2x kag itakod sa kanimo. Tong medal, tong diploma, tong certificates, tong trophy, tong nasab-it nga ribbon sa dughan mo. Nami-an kaw ay? Pusta pa ko. Lawig mo to!

Ano gid ayhan tong pagusto nga to noh?

Kung maka-eskwela kaw sa Belgium ma attain mo to? Or makagraduate kaw sa SVFS? Or sa San Jose? O ‘di gani sa Tahanan kag sa SJRS? Da-ad eh noh? Pay ano natabo man? Du wara man japun it mihura aw? Laway man lang japun mapagwa nah. Ahay!

What really freedom means? Kung isahanon kaw lang dyan makapagusto kaw? Pay kung jan dun si “others”, may freedom man tanda ka ran, amo nga dapat may boundaries gid? Dapat may tangkal gid? May lawig gid? May hawla gid? Para mag-respitohanay? Kag maghinangpanay. Kag magpahunay-hunay? Mag-into-anay! Karadlawan gid man. Pang-tawo gid man ran.

Talawit kaw lang imo. Wara gid man limit jang mga bagay sa kalibutan ah. Bulag kaw aw? Baraliskada bala, lantawa sa otherside na. sa hidden roots na. Ang limit na? Muta? Pamatyagan mo haw? Pamatyagan mo lang ran! Timely boxed, guro. As or in accord sa box kang pagkatawo nga ginbaton kang masarangan kang pinsar kang tulad nga katawhan – maybe. Pay ang matu-od, ikaw lang ka ran nag-obra2x kang limitasyon nah. Ano abi kay namati kaw man. Nagpati-pati kaw man kananda. Para kanimo haw? Ano pa gid ayhan ang illusion sa darwa? Freedom ukon ang limitasyon nah? Kay kung ibalik mo kanakun rang pamangkot nga-ran, problema ta gid ran nga darwa. Basi nagpili gid man timo bay. Indi ta man kaw mabasul ah. Kay man – – – – anda ran higko nga nagpilit dun sa pinsar mo. Wa-e ko man akun. Inatik tana rang darwa nga ran. So what? Kung usisa-on mo, oppression man lang ran tanan jah. Style2x lang ran kuno abi may freedom, para sa urihi may sestema nga epus-ang. Nga-a? para maka-obra kang unending cycle kang sestema. Kung talawit kaw kag mango, laban patando-tando kaw dulang kananda. Nga-a? Para tawhay eh, ano pa ‘bi?

Rehos kang pilipinas, lantawa bala, free kaw? Tinunto. Under constitutional law, free kaw matyagan mo? Balik-awot tana ran. Hangag kaw timo nga? Teh pati2x ka pa? ‘Twas made just to protect oppressors best intentions to put you down under their most futuristic desire of malice, deceits and selfishness that only and only means – public service. Atik eh! Manipulation synonym na karan. For the benefit of many? For the good of Filipino people? Butitoy kaw dugid timo kung mapati ka pa karan.

Under “responsibility”? Selfishness ran other side na!

Teh mamangkot kaw, ano gid bala na-mean mo man? Gapinagusto ka man gani! Kung rehos ta tira, laban2x gets mo bo-ot ko sayuron. Partly, sakto kaw, nakasab-it kaw. Gapinagusto gid man takun. Ano pa ‘bi? But not under that good will nga ginatyabaw nyo. Or best worthy intentions nga ginakumod kang mga turtle snake sa senado kag mga kalampay sa kamara. Ang gina-mean ko; tong pagusto nga gina-obra kang mga tinuga nga nakit-an sa tabon cave. Indi sa palasyo kang mala-kanyang. Primitive noh? Minal-am. Minarot.

Pay amo tong freedom ang may pulos. Wara gamitay it puder. Animalistic? Pay astonishing. Pirmi lang gyera. Pirmi lang ginamo. Laban gid always may guramusay kag bisan diin may tampa-anay. Pay teh imagina bala – masadya. La-in kang tyempo tulad – boaring. Away baba, away dila – puro lang sungad, puro lang laway. Kataraka. Parako-rako kwarta. Pabaskog-baskog armas kag totoy. In-short, papuder-puder lang. papari-pari, papastor-pastor. Tinarso. Pay daw parehas man lang noh? Essence na ginamo. Pay la-in gid mig. Nga-a? tulad tana tong mga gintaw-an mo it ligwa para kuno abi para sa serbisyo publiko, ato ay, para magkontrol kag magdikta kanimo. Nami tana anda pakuribong kag panago kay man may mga ginhimo dun tanda totoy kag tando2x. style nga away, panagu-ay, ‘di gani kaatubang. Nami tana tong isa2x lang, tulad tana wara kagana-gana, gamitay lang.

Tama du gid abi karako ang nagapa-into’.

Nami tana tong mga savages kag mga talunon nga gasuhot sa tabon cave. Pagusto, ultimately be experienced, kay man laban2x klaro kananda purpose nanda. Wara it tahap2x. Bisan sin-o lang binghalon mo kag pus-angan ah. Daw ayam eh noh? Pay teh tulad aw? Totoy kag ayam mukot paryentehanay?

Kay man basta cultured lang?

Kay man civilized dun?

Astig eh! Ayos gid. Nagpati kaw man nga alipungoy kaw. Amo ran, dapat kaw gid man lu-oyan. Kay man, sapat kaw lang nga ginpabayu-an

And now.

…….that’s your freedom.


“aanhin mo pa ang damo kung

patay na ang kabayo?”

Aanhin mo rin ang damo kung

buhay pa ang kabayo?

‘Di yan para sa ‘yo,



Para ‘yan sa kabayo



Pay harba kung gusto mo.





                                                                    …because there is religion







god and humanity; the unending cyclic-slavery

created by human who created the human

that’s why he’s labeled

he’s sealed






Kung sanday tatay pa mag-istorya, ang lupa daw kauna nabayluhan lang kang tuba. Ang baka nakambyuhan lang tabako. Kanami nga tyempo no? simpli lang nga pangabuhi. Pay may mas simpli tulad eh.

Man-an mo kung ano ran?

La-in duman tana jah, baskog pa gid.


Ato ay, lupa baylo papel. Balay baylo papel. Baka baylo papel. Pili kaw; may tsura pa ni ninoy ukon kay diosdado? Ayos noh?

May mas baskog pa gid.

Abi nyo lang hah.

Relihiyon baylo bugas.

Relihiyon baylo dapli.

Relihiyon baylo botelya, indi gani upa.


Basta makakaput lang kang papel nga may tsura kang mga na-into-an nga mga tawo kauna nga gina tawag – kwarta! Bisan gamiton rang relihiyon nga nahimo dun tulad tangkal kang mga santos kag diyos, ayos lang. Basta makakwarta lang ah.

Sang ginsulat ko jah, wara ko kama-an kung seminarista man ko japun kang Iglesia Katolika o indi dun. Kay may 284 days dun ang nagligad sang napukawan ko kaugalingon ko kag nagbangon para ihaboy sa basurahan tong kabuhi-seminaryo. Pay sa gihapon amo ran eh, wara takun it hima-an kung paano ang pagbla-bla-bla ka jang mga kabagayan kag ang not or no or whatsoever na karan kay man tong mga formators man lang ang may jurada ja kara, tong mga gina tawag namun, mga diyos sa Olympus, tanda ka to ang naga dikta kag naga desisyon ka jang mga bagay sa boarding house ni jesus. Because of one best and worthiest thing in this world – RELIGION.

December 09, 2010. 1:06 in the morning. Masako-saku takun that time pangsulod sa bag kang mga gamit ko. Matawhay ang tanan. Gani sa pinsar ko, perfert irony dun jah kang tyempo para maglarga dun takun. Para may panibag-o duman nga istorya.

Mga isa man lang ka oras natapos ko man. Kay teh pirangnahut man lang abi gamit ko. Sa tyempo nga to, gapungko dun ko sa babaw ka study table ko. Lantaw2x sa palibot, kay man ma-miss ko tong kalibutan ko nga to or “believe verse” tawag ko. Hours of looking around, kag mas nagklaro, I was eager ready and excited to trash-away something. 5:00 AM, may TAXI dun nga nagahulat kanakun. Last glimpse ko to sa chart namun kang “sons of confucius ” nga nagconfuse and after it, a glance for Olympus for one last time. May guard, man-an ko man, garing anhun ta man abi, ayam man lang tana nga manugtaghul kag ginadamugan kang seminaryo. Tong mga diyos? Gahinuragok tanda. Tong mga lady gods sa Olympus, wara tanda kamulalong, naglarga dun bata nanda nga tam-an ka prodigious. It was classy. ‘Twas a bit pinned. ‘Was a kinda new – hoooo! And I thought, I was ready for something the world doesn’t want me to be, and you steer clear of and won’t let them see.



And this is it.

Didya dun ta.

The gods must be crazy and now…

They’re getting worse……………….


Naah…kumod2x duman kamo kag magpinulok.

Gaparanindog duman bungot ko dya hoh! Pati mirok ko urunyat dun. Haah-haaaay…kurulbaan. Kaina to layi lang ginpaksi ta, tulad tana mga diyos duman boxingon tah! New era of Jewish Scribes and Pharisees, seemingly alike more. Only a bit of uniqueness. Scribe and Pharisee nga may dugo ni Tandang Sora kag Lapu-Lapu.

Rehos man ran kung piritun gid natun pasuksukan ang ati ka custom ni Santa Claus. Angayan bala ran? Man-an mo bungsod kag adlaw tana nadu-aw nanda islan mo kang kinurtihan kag tiniltig nga kahoy gamit ang diskarte kang jewish mythology. Lantawa tulad gwa na. Kundi galusot gid ang problema. Istoryahan kamo kang mga iho-de-putingting nga mga espanyol, nagparati man kamo. Gin-atik2x lang kamo dayon nyo man tango2x – mga paho.

Man-an nyo dun kakulangan kang mga bagay tabun-tabunan nyo lang kang kuno abi otoridad kag pagkapari nyo nga gina-higku-an kang hala nyo ka diwalwal nga bisan kamo indi nyo man ma-ubra.

Nugaya nyo dunko jan ah. Wara ta man kamo ginasarama pay mas rako kaninyo wara na ginagamit pagkapari na para sa simbahan na. ato ay, insecurities na ginabusog na. Kag laban2x pagnabasahan nyo ja pulok2x duman kamo. Bungkaras duman kamo kag magsinala nga mga uyaya’ nga mga langaw kamo.

Ano ang seminaryo?

Dilihunan sang magapanong sang simbahan.

Ano ang simbahan?

Balay sang pagtuo.


To-od kaw? Istoryahi nyo jan rehos nyo nga langaw.


Ato ay ang to-od nga seminaryo ka jaro mas rako pa mayad nga tawo sa prisuhan kang probinsyal jail kay sa didto. Kag ang nagapadalagan; mas mayad pa ang natangkal nga sapat ka ran – mapuslan. Kamo? Para ran sa simbahan? Balikda nyo napang-giyo nyo! Amo lang ran sarangan nyo?

Pirti ka hina.


Puraw lang palusot.

Pauna-una masami.






Daw hair salon lang!







That’s a little away than great environment anyone could passively want – matawhay lang ang tanan. Ano ang bo-ot ko hambalun? Linti nga pagtuo ran, amo man lang gali ran dangatan na.

Bisan magsulat ka ja gani tulad gapanghayhay man ko eh. Basi natuyo lang ko? Indi ah! Kay man lawig man gawa turog ko kag hala huraguk bag-o ako natapungawan. It seemed t’was the peak. T’was the best thing. The climax. Happened to my baptized life, clothed and protected and cared by the robe of jewish myth. Kanugon no? di kaw run seminarista, di kaw run magapari. Ahaaaaay!

Pay wara gid man ah. Teh wara gid man mum. Laway lang ran nga nag-asik kag pagligad ka panahon daw tu-od ana dalagan. Panilagi bala. Kag panilag – que daho magpabulag2x.

Ja pagid hoh! Ang prisohan, rehos kang I.R.C., sirilutan kang gusto patabu-on kang lawas ran. Limitasyon ka gusto kang unod. Sa la-in nga pulong, jan kaw ginatangkal kay man, para makontrol kaw.

Ang seminaryo?

Ang simbahan?

Prisohan kang otok ran. Rehos kang tanan nga eskwelahan – prisohan kang pinsar ran. Kuno abi ginahasa, pay sa tu-od2x, ginapakitid ran. Kag mas lala’ pa gid kung sa seminaryo timo, kurungon pa bisan espiritu mo. Kadinahan pa it sestema kag das-ok kaw to sa otoridad nga hawla.

Nami timo ka ran?

Mayad ran sa panan-awan nyo?

Amo ran kapuslanan kang mga bagay matyagan nyo?

Mayad bala itangkal pinsar kag espiritu mo?

Sabta bi nyo ran?

Sakit igo na noh?

Sa mga hidko nga narawit kang mga mal-am, based on history kauna, Kamo gid jan ang nalu-oyan ko. Subra! Nga-a? Teh salo nyo gid tanan. Pati tae ni Socrates ginadasok pa sa kalimutaw nyo. Kung mangindi kaw mango2x kaw, mahina kaw. Kag tulad manami man abi magpaturog-turog kung manami naligid-ligidan mo parehas kang seminaryo. Gusto mo pa gid magpaturog-turog kag maghilay-hilay deritso. Mas-awot kaw dun dayon pukawon. Taas pride, hambog, surebol, kuno abi may isuhistyon gid. Kag kuno abi, ja pa gid, nga jan mo masalapu-an, jan sa boardinghouse ni Jesus, ang future leaders of greatness and wisdom of the fittest. Hoy, mga nonoy, nugay kamo ha! Kung man-an lang kang tawo nga tangkal kamo jan halin kauna, ambot lang. indi ko lang pagsugid kananda tanan ah, sulaton ko lang.


FUH! Wara gid ran ah. Tikal2x man lang lab-otan na karan. Asta manlang sa lawag2x kag singgit-singgit. Pay may klaro nga hinimu-an?…? tando2x abi mum. Kag lantawa nyo. Ud kamo. Hadlok gani bisan mag-atubang man lang kang kaugalingon nyo. Sala tira ko? Sigurado naatubang nyo dun nakumod ka kaugalingon nyo? If yes! Teh insa jan pa tinyo….hmmmmm…..tooda bala!


Isa ka haram-otan nga hurubaton kang isa ka demi-god jan! nga-a? amo ja ay! If you rest you rust!….ayos no, matyagan mo si ironman kaw?….will you make rules for the rusting to rust-out your own head for the sake of being strong? Klaruha! Ja pa gid.

Debate namon to one time. Patas kuno kay ginpahampang na kami basketbol more likely sa duha ka courts. Nami ran? May mada-og ayhan? Kag isa pa, ano man abi kuno kay pwirti daad dara namon nga armas, as analogous, para sa gyiera nga to. Indi lang kalibre 38 or 357 dara namon, Granada gid. Garing ang problima wara ginpalupok kundi gingamit lang pamukpok sa bagul ka kontra namon. Ayos no? patiyog-tiyog lang, basta may ihambal lang ah. Ayos gid triping na eh. Mayad timo kuno abi lang. tulad batuna nyo higko nyo. Imo man ran otot ah. Try bi baton ran kag magbugtaw mig.

Hay kanami lang nga irony, budlay2x batunon ran.

Wara lang it basulay ah, ototay lang.

Mga blessed, mga maayad-ayad nga tawo. Maaram kag labi kag labaw sa tanan pinili. Matinu-ohon kag malapad ang handom pay irintu-on kag kitid ang paminsaron.

Handa dun ayhan kamo magbugtaw?





                                                                                   …..because there is love

Amo dya tana ang nagapabu’lag

Kang tawo

Sa ana nga pagkatawo.

Kay especial man abi kuno

Gahigugma it tudo2x.





here are two wolves fighting in every human heart; one is hate and the other is love.

Ano ang mada-ug?

Dipindi kung ano ginadamugan mo pirmi. Ang problema, either love or hate ang mada-ug, no choice; wolf man japun.

Palabor-labor lang ran mig.

Man-an mo kun insa nagkaproblima kita sa gugma nga jah? May ideya kaw? Ukon nabatun mo dun nga ang gugma wara it problima? Hmmmm…paupas ta bi! Una-bes largo hangop2x lang akon ka jah, kay ang napanilagan ko man lang, ngaa? Mabudlay batunon pay ang gugma sa laway lang ran, illusion lang ran kang mga mahina. Kung gapati kaw jan, isa ka man sa listahan kang mga natuntuhan.

Amo jang akon hoh!

Sang una, wara pa ran ginatawag ang tawo nga human, ang gugma, daw naglabay lang ran nga bagangan. Pay pagpat-in kang tawo kang kaugalingon na nga – human being, didto nag-obra tana kang balay para ot-otan kang gugma nga bagangan- tagipuso-on mo ran. Teh imo? Basi rehos man kang ana ni tatay, ang gugma daw “KABUHI”. Maybe, like any other humen will be saying the same thing as meaning of what must be loving. Kay teh tawo abi mum. Anhun mo dun abi ran, mahina lang, pigaw, anga,kag law2x.

Kung sa lawayan kang mga mal-am, ang gugma indi mo dapat intindihon kay man di mo gid ran maintindihan, kuno. Its more than what you think, sure kamo? Daw may punto man no? daw storya inaswang eh! Paano abi kay inda ran mabutang kang mga mal-am sa rason, amo nga ibutang dulang sa box kang dogma labeled – “kay man amo dun ran ah, kag amo dun ran order namon.” Hamak timo karan!

Insa may aswang apoy? Ambot!Insa may gugma mga lolo? Ambot!

Basta may kabuhi ah. Basta malinong. Basta may peace kag wara it away. Kalu-oy man. Jan mo gid man matalupangdan nga ang wisdom sa mga mal-am mo lang masalapu-an. Nga-a? wisdom – malapad nga paghangop- in other words – wara it punto – in other words – minango. Sa karay-a or gusto mo mas pormal? Hinangag.

Beyond the control of both freedom and religion, may gugma nga dasig padalaganon. Katubo-tubo kag ka-edad kang darwa nga ran jang love nga jah. Ngaa? Pagpatalang man bi ran.

May mga tawo abi nga nahadlok magtandog kang mga higante nga nagadikta sa lugar kang freedom. Tanda man tong mahuyang magbatu sa mga diyos kang Olympus nga naga-arkila sa boardinghouse ni jesus. Ja duman, nagtukod kang bag-o nga grupo, nagpinares-pares kag nagparalagyo. There will be no other good things more than what you can do for love, kundi ipakigbatu. Magtinabanay kag ato ay, magkinalipay paagi sa pag-into-anay.

Gets mo?

Amo ran, tatlo dun ka sides kita tah. Amat2x man abi ran napagkit sa bagul kang tawo. Amo nga mabudlay rumbuhon. Civilization to civilization inside that; generation to generation of people and its history that is fundamentalized by thinking and reasoning above anyone, amo nga maahut tupukon. Kay man kada civilization kuno; may kaugalingon nga panan-awan kag paino-ino suno sini nga bagay, four letters; LOVE!

Ang explanation na karan mapa-anggid mo sa isa ka damgo nga nagdamgo it damgo. Rayu2x sa realidad mig.

Sang nabasahan ko timeline about kay Friedrich Nietzsche, nanami-an ko kag naayusan pay. Indi rehos kay Edmund Husserl kag Martin Heidegger nag-alputanay tanda karan nga darwa; gwa kang anda obra, away bala nga indi ka pranka. Raku pa liko, duro pa samit2x, nagguramusay kamo karan maintindihan nyo pah. Lantawa nyo bala mga tira ni Nytzki…may punto kag tyempo. Pero amo man japun, isa man lang tanda ka dya it ginhalinan, philosopher nga barbaru, in-plaguerism; buang nga nagbuang kag ang rasun daw babahi, amo ran nangin tapalan na para ipahabog ang gugma. Pay ang natabo, ang babahi ang natam-an kag nadalahigan pa ang diyos na. amo ran kuno hah, ang isa ka mga mistakes nga gin-obra ka creator na – WOMAN. Ayos man no?

Pay di naton dapat sundon ran. Pati2x timo sa gugma kag makadalin-as kaw gani, mangbasol timo. Wara lang ginpasugtan kang opposite sex manipulation tiknik mo, ngakig timo? Nano.


Sa matu-od lang kilala mo ang tawo nga kaatubang mo pirmi sa ispeho? Kaya mo ayhan tana prangkahun kang matuod nga pagka-tana? Prangkaha, atubanga, ubahi, bulbuli kag imbisi. Di dun pag-atika. Malu-oy kaw man – kaugalingon mo ran.

May gugma gid man haw? Ukon diskarte lang ran para makapanggamit kang iban. In whatever sense, in wheresoever sides, baraliskadun mo man, ikaw or ako, kita, sanda or kamo – gugma?

Gamitay lang ran mga nonoy! Tupong2x tanda ka ran kang friendship – barko kang mga garamiton. Translation nanda karan sa karay-a –  PANGHIGAL.

You want to be nice with others?

Sa tu-od2x gid? Sa tu-od2x man, di ran gugma ah! Ginhigku-an mo pa karan intention mo. Paano na lang kung pagpatalang gid man rang gugma, ukon kung kilalahon mo gid man ran, espiho man lang ka tagsa ka kaugalingon ta ran, kag wara gid man sa realidad ran. Can you do something out of it? Maobra mo pa ayhan ran kung wara it gugma nga ginasarigan kag ginasandigan? Tinunto.

Kang una pamatyagan ko basi manhid lang takun. Amo ran wara takun gapati. Wara takun it paki-alam. Pay teh, gintry ko man. Ay ahaaay! Kalulu-oy, sa pagkamanhid pa lang gani erase dun rang gugma nga ran, ano pa gid ayhan kung dinungol kag mina-oy? Saprat nga gugma ran.

Mangkota bala kaugalingon mo kung may gugma gid man kag himo-a, obraha suno sa sabat na. gwa pagka selfish mo mum.

Pustahanay pa!

Ginahigugma ko gid ikaw,

Indi ko gusto madura kaw kanakun.


Ginahigugma ko gid ikaw,

Obrahon ko tanan para kanimo.

(du superman eh)

Ginahigugma ko gid ikaw,

Ikaw lang magpakailan man.

(du lumang plaka kag)

Ginahigugma ko gid ikaw,

Handa ako mapatay for you.

(ngee..du langaw – karilinti-an)

Amo ran! Dyan ran gatindog rang gugma mga ginatyabaw nyo. Kung indi mo ran mamulalungan, ot-oton na gid ikaw karan ‘til you become truly and fully human. Oto2x. maayad-ayad nga tawo kay masinulundon, malipayon nga tando2x kag irinto-on.Mayad pa karan gani ang ayam aw. Rang mga manok kag baka. Wara dun inarti kag raku nga reklamo ah. Obra dayon ka purpose nanda. Tas hambalon mo, YUUUUck! Dya man. Depa-yuuuck2x ka pah. MAHUYA KAW!

Ginpat-inan mo lang label mo nga – “HUMAN” tapos daw si sin-o kaw dun nga tampuhaw. Ongo, lanka, paho. Karadlawan gid man no? kay man dapat magpakatawo gid, ‘di ba? Para daw special bangod gahigugma. Kinahanglan gid no?

Kung tunog2x pa nga “yes” sabat mo karan, wara it tupong indi kaw lang halo’ – singgarong du gid timo. Asta san-o kaw magpagamit? Asta san-o mo gamiton kag magpagamit sa tawo nga kaatubang mo adlaw2x nga kuno abi ginahigugma mo – super! Pay ang matu-od, selfish man lang gali timo. Asta san-o mo ran himu-on? Basta lang enjoyment mo mapadayon? Sige, berahi ka gugma. Tuduhi. Lantawon ta kung diin kaw gid asta.

Always remember; it’s just the same thing all over again. In the end? JUST LEAVING IT ALL!





                                                                      …..because there is heaven

Ang pinaka-handum kang tawo,

Nga nagatabun sa ana mismo kaugalingon,

kay man;

sa langit,


Wara it away.

Teh insa ang anghel may




nga ginakaway?





ang wara pa matiltig kang tawo ang mga santos, pirang nahut lang ayhan puppet didto?

Sa likod kang “GOOD and EVIL”

Tawo nga irintu-on

Sa tubang?

Santos nga mara-uton.

Kaangid kang isa ka box. Anum sides na. Ang apat; freedom, religion, love angot sa heart, ang sa dalum nga bahin – inferno. Ang sa babaw, ang takup – langit. Try bala gwa sa box nga ran kung diin timo masapwan.

Masami, think outside the box? Tampuhaw. Man-an mo jan kaw sa sulod. Think2x ka pa, obraha –  lumpat kaw.

Gwa jan.

May relihiyon man anum anda langit, astig. Aton abi isa lang. may jan man pito, may jan man wara, may jan man – kuno. Ambot kung diin ran dapit?

May istorya?

Once upona time.

Daw sang san-o lang.

Kang wara pa ran mahuman kang tawo ang teleskopyo, kuno. Ang galaxy under mandatory nga maglibot, imaw ang tanan, magtiyog-tiyog nga ang sa tunga – KALIBUTAN. That’s why gani – KaLiBuTaN. Kag jan nagsala ran. Ang tu-od tana ang galibot, daad – libot-libotlang.

Sa bibliya. Isla. Galutaw sa tubig nga naputos pa gid ka tubig nga may igpat2x. ‘Di kaw pwidi kaagto sa oblate side na kay basi madagdag kaw. Ang tanan nga igpat2x sa babaw naplastar, syempre, obvious man. Didya ran nahuman nga sestema ang bagul kang tawo kauna kag nagtinikal kang mga bagay nga ha-um2x kag tulad nangin sosyal nga tangkal – LANGIT.

Kay man puraw man lang abi pag-antos maaguman mo ja sa lupa. Kinahanglan panikasug pa gid, maghulag kag mag-obra suno sa sestema para indi kaw pagsilutan. Tong silot nga lutaw2x sa abyss. Gani bira2x obra mayad para kapalangit kaw gid. Go up, up, up and up kag magkinalipay – kuno. Ano2x man tong mga buyog kag anay sa panan-wan nga ran.

Amo ran ang langit mo.

Lugar nga matahum. Puro lang kasanag – masilaw pa. Bag-o nga kabuhi. Kabuhi nga dayon. Paraiso. May baka. May kabayo. (hehehe) ay ahaay, ang tawo gid hu-od. Paraturog dun amo pa tana ja ana gina damgo. Tam-an dugid ka-ilo.

Tulad lantawa. Bilog ang kalibutan kag tana ang galibot sa Sun. Ginatawag nga galaxy boxed as – MILKY WAY. Tas, may mga karaku-raku pa gid nga mga galaxies comprising kang isa pa gid ka box – UNIVERSE.

Kag raku2x pa nga mga universes nga ginbansagan –MULTIVERSES nga nasulod pa gid sa isa ka box labeled –“BELIEVE-VERSE”. Karaku-raku nga mga verses asta nangin isa ka – CHAPTER. Ano pa gid? LIBRO? BOOKSHELF? LIBRARY? Asta matak-an kaw? Teh diin dun ang langit nga ato? Sa babaw na ka ran? O, kay man bilog, sa dalum man? Sa heart mo? Sa good will? Sa good work? Sa sacrifice? Sa boardinghouse ni JESUS? Ngee……. Mahal2x tana arkila to. Daw seminaryo. Kita nyo,naglayas tana si Lucifer to.

Nano man abi kay daw barangay Salngan ang langit, may political crisis. Tas, ang diyos na barangay kapitan. Pwidi man tong sk chairman! Malu-oy kamo.

Si Eva abi mum. Gin-udakan na bi tong mansanas nga to. Daad saging dulang. ‘Di gani santol dulang gintripan na. Karadlawan nga istorya. Pay teh lantawa nyo. Hoh. Pira dun ka siglo kag hinirasyon ka tawo ang nagligad, into-an man japun kamo. Tyabaw kamo dayon, INFEDIL, tuduhi. Naaaaaaaaaaaah! Sumpa-un nyo jang mga tinaga, pero ang matu-od di nyo lang mabaton. Tampuhaw kag tanga man kamo japun. Kay man mandatory? As in law inside CANON? Kinahanglan magsunod gid sa sugo? LINTI! Dapat gid bala ran? Para magamit nyo lang ang tawo sa palibot nyo? Rehos kang mga indi kabatu sa freedom. Indi man makigbatu gamit ang heart nga na-ot-otan kang gugma, ja pa gid anda; pasaputi dulang kay man may bunga – sacrifice. Basta may relihiyon ah.

Bisan mag-inano, basta makapalangit ah. ‘Di lang timo anga kag irintu-on, talawit gid tana timo magbatun – rang magbugtaw kag magbangon.

Mapalangit kaw gid?

hambal ni moni’

tama to kagalong sa langit.

Di man takon mapa-imperno.

Ja man japun takun sa lupa madunot.

Pira gid ka millennia sarangan mo to? Kung butang ta abi, may jan gid man. Kag sigurado gid, isa man lang japun dagdagan mo. Tak-an gani si Lucifer to nga in the first place most favored man tana. Ikaw pa ayhan nga tarayhupon lang nga irintu-on nga surugu-on. Pira gid agwanta mo sa patiyog-tiyog nga ja man? Ato ay ultimately, sa panan-awan nga ja, isa man lang ang klaro. Tagbong kaw man japun sa kalayo.


Kay man nag-umpisa kaw bilang –   HUMAN.

–          bilang tawo.


                                                                 HUMAN’S CRITERION




Ang pulos kang pagpakatawo,

Para mangin tawo.

Kag nangin tawo dun tana.

Ang pagpakatawo,

-nalimtan na!



“Mahapos mangin tawo, apang mabudlay magpakatawo.”

Hurubaton kang mga abi ko kang una, mga tawo. Pay ang matu-od, kailo man lang nga mga tando2x.

Under consequences of circumstances, there must be a surety of being of something by in any further in which calling deep within labeled –MUST! There must be a “MUST” gani nagturuhaw jang rules and boundaries nga samtang nagaligad ang panahon kag nagapalong jang sibilisasyon may nalimtan kag wara du gid namulalungan. Man-an mo kung ano ran? Laban2x wara! Isa kaw man nga da-an. Ang PAGKATAWO kang TAWO, nga sang-una dapat makontrol kag ginkontrol. Dapat ma-culture and t’was done, so well!

Kinahanglan gid bala magsunod sa rules kang “Magpakatawo” para mangin tawo? Tawo kaw dun. ‘Di mo dun kinahanglan ang mga hurubaton nga ran. Ang problema lang, la-in2x pa imo handumon, witi2x pa imo kitihun kag naglala’ pa gid tulad; kay indi dun klaro kanimo kung ano kaw. Jan ka pa?

Kay ginmus-onan kang mga istorya kang mga mal-am kag sina-una olo mo, nami-an kaw man imo; ato ay, ginsalud mo pa gid bagul mo. Didya ran garinaguyon ang apat ka Paramus-onun kang una, basaha lang, indi gani tripingi lang gamay. Amo man ja ang ginatawag ko nga mga higko nga nagahigot sa li-og katawo sa isa ka handum para magpalagyo sa ana nga pagkatawo para mangin tawo puro2x. ang gwa, galingin lang pirmi olo mo. Burun pamatyagan mo no?

Isa man ran gani ka hanggod nga problema ja. Bisan magsulat kang libro may rules man kag ginregulate pa. tsk2x…. pirti du gid ka lala’ kang sestema, tirahun na dulang timo kung indi kaw madara – meaning; otis2x man lang ah. Para kuno abi mahadlok kaw, pag nadara kaw, boot hambalon wara gid timo gapanilag, pa-anod2x kaw man. Kung nahadlok kaw duman magbunggo sa mga ototridad ka jang mga bagay, subra kaw pa imo ka oto2x sa mga otoridad nga ran. Gwa mo? Sakto – TANDO2x – gid man.

Kinahanglan gid bala magsunod sa rules kang ingleshz para makasulat kaw it tsakto haw? Ukon sa any other existing rules para kuno abi may deriction kag maintindihan kaw kang mga maaram mga nagatu-on. Tinarso. Aram man bala kamo. Patabu-a ah. Intindiha. Kay man may MAS-nakama-an ka ran ja? Tong mga masters kag doctors nga dapat gid pirmi kunsultahon ja ka ran nga kabagayan. WAHAHA. Diin mabu-ol? In the comprimizing point if interpretation? Linti’ ran. In short, kay kamo ang may otoridad? Meaning, in shorter – OTO2x. Sa mahapos nga pulong –maaram nga tando2x.

Kinahanglan gid may rules para may punto ako kag para kuno abi maintindihan mo ja? Insa haw? Gusto mo; himu-on ta man kaw tando2x aw? Okey! ‘Di pwidi ‘karay-a’ lang aw? Dapat fluent gid nga ingleshz? Para kuno abi pormal? Amorankaydawsisin-ogidtimo, patuyaw-tuyaw sa ingleshz, kundi bisan sa karay-a lang bugok timo. Amo gid man ran mig. Kung sa karay-a ‘paho’ kaw lang daad, garing nagay pa bi timo pa-inleshz2x mum. Kundi klaro2x.

Kag, amo man ran mangin problema ta ja. Nga-a? Wara man takun galagas nga intindihon mo gid ko ukon jang ginkuris ko; kag indi ko man ran pagpalagas mig, para ano? Wa-e ko takun. Ang akun man lang, amo ran eh, ipakita kanimo kauglingon mo. Rehos lang takon ka isa ka espeho. Jan lang napastar para turuk-turukon mo. Pay ang pagbaton, bahala timo. Kaugalingon mo tana rang kita mo, indi ako. Kung raw-ay man ran o mas raw-ay pa gid, ambot. Imo dun tana ran paramanug.

Next stop!

One “criterion” kang tawo para mangin tawo.

Let’s go……

Pili kaw to.



















May mga myths abi kang una nga nag-urulpot. Kada continent may jan. Kada punsok2x kang tawo may jan. Kada punsok may myth, kada punsok may lawayan, kada punsok may hangkilan, tikalon kag diwalwalan. Kung ano to ka alipongoy ang nag-obra2x ka ran, jang mga hudiyo nag-intra2x man, maamot man tanda. Rehos kang mga Greeks kag romans. Nagapati sa greatness ni ZUES nga murderous. Pati si tatay na, wara na lang ginpatay, gin-udakan na pa – meaning; sestema kang lusot2x nga tra-edoranay.

Jang mga hudiyo amo man. Nag-indorse kang most popular oppressor nga gina-protestahan pa, tulad kag halin pa ran kauna. Sari2x pa ana pangaran, ano man abi kay burubay bunyagan. Pirti pa ka pintas, hisa-on kag imunan. Hamakun mo ran, pati bata na palansang na para lang malipay tana.

Kita mo common ka darwa? Usual nga schema kang tra-edoranay sa tunga kang magpamilya, tong isa tatay vs. bata – da-ug bata. Jang isa tatay vs. bata – da-ug tatay. Kultura nga dapat makita daad naton kakulangan kang tagsa2x sa sulod kang isa ka panimalay pero ano natabo? Pati sa pagpadihot kang schema kag pag-obra kang katilingban kang isa ka lugar, sa umpisa palang nga daan sala dun. Baliki nyo panimalay nyo bag-o magpadara sa kuno abi simbahan nga kung sa diin nalumos kamo. Kanugon lang kang pangabudlay mo ka ran kung mayad sitwasyon maabtan mo sa kuno abi simbahan mo pay pagpuli mo sa panimalay mo, langaw malang timo gali. Kuno abi lang, may pagtuo sa diyos, pero panimalay mo napatumbaya-an mo. Ano aputan mo ka ran bay? Pagkahudiyo?

Ja pa gid.

Sa greek tana, anda nga savior si mighty-HERKULES. Ang hudiyo tana sunod2x duman, si JESUS CHRIST kuno. Amo ran eh, minango lang, inferior daan mintalidad nanda, kundi pabalbal lang.

Kung si HErKules (born of greek mind,ano pa bi expektar mo? Bagsik syempre.) Ana style triumph to triumph, even going a distance. Kay JeSus (born of Jewish mind, ma-expectar ka pa ka ran? Sheep mentality run mangibabaw teh maano ka pa. Irihawon lang ran tana tanda.) Ana tana style, kinahanglan pa magpa-oto2x sa krus para magtriumph. Nagpa-inferno pa gid gani kuno. Ngeeee! ‘Di pa man abi kapalangit no? wara pa didto it yabi. Buhi pa kato si San Pedro.




Wara it punta

Wara man abi it puno mum.




Sak2x puso tulo ang dugo, patay o buhay alis ka na diyan.


Mayad pa ang kanta may pulos, pay ang una kag ang ikatlo nga tinaga – wara. September 29, 2011; kaina nagtan-aw ko tv aga pa. unang hirit kag punto por punto nasalapu-an ko. Tak-an ko sa unang hirit kay puro man lang pasosyal-sosyal ngahirit man-an da, nga prosti man lang japun ka sosyidad sanda. Paraw lang hara2x kag kala’2x daw mga paka’ man lang abi nga manugpangitlog sa sapa. Pasapyaw-sapyaw man lang ana lab-otan. Saylo ko sa umagang kay ganda, ang ganda gid eh, ano pa abi paabuton mo, amo man japun eh.

Punto por punto man daad taraksan nanda pay wara man it padulongan, pa-punto2x man lang, may mga punto pay di man gid sakto, may jan man sakto pay wara man nagakadapat. Bisan magtasak gani kangdapat ipas-ok wara eh. Pasapyaw style man ah. Parehas man ka tong isa, parehas lang man abi padulungan nanda.

Baw sikat.

Nangdalahig pa no? nadalahigan pa jang darwa. Pay teh lantawa hoh. Ano gid nabu-ol tah? Sceptical no? olo mo.


Creativity thru sincerity in public service

Awarded and targeted direct commentaries?

Linti ran.

Kataraka gid man ran.


Kay bisan dyan; ga-gwa ang mga analogies kang mga bagay nga amat2x nagatabon sa kalimutaw kang tinuga nga ginatawag – tawo. Ginahampangan kag ginapatiyog-tiyog kang sestema nga ginplastar kang mga mal-am na. kag kalabanan sa istroya lang asta. Kag pirmi lang didyan ma-umpisa. Tanda gapalala’ kang problema nga sestema. Kag ano gwa na?

Rehos ka jang darwa; sa commercial manlang asta!

In paradoxical sight? Rehos ran kang ginatawag nyo –HELL.

Kay man rang hell nga ran pirti ran ka available daad. Pay kasakitan man lang abi kag kasilutan didto abtan mo. Nami man daad magpalangit pay maagi kaw pa sa”VATICAN II” ni san pedro. Mahal pa pleti magpa- roma, didto ran dapat maumpisa eh, terminal na kabay rigto, tas dapat pati kaw sa rules na, sa mandate na, sa dikta na ah. Boot sayuron kung klaro para kanimo, sa gusto ka pope ah,ma-echo dayon ran sa gusto man ka ma-asign sa isa ka lugar in the name of that blessed one.

Kag bisan mahal pleti kag rayux, kinahanglan didto ta ma-umpisa as it wasin the beginning, schema lang tana ja kang nagasampadong didto sa espesyal nga CHAIR nga purongku-anni san pedro nga mas importante pa sa tawo – nag-ugat jang mga kaproblemahan – didto.

Tulad? Mas mabudlay dugid makatibawas rang bagul nyo kay ginpaturog gid mayad ang kaparehos nyo nga – tawo. Sa dasun ka ran  mangin klaro gid ran kaninyo nga bangoongot gid abtan nyo. Ano man abi kay gin-obrahan kamo tangkal nga inferno kag hotel kang langit nag hala dinagusu man kamo. Ano man abi pili-on mo noh? Mapa-iwat2x kag pala-in-la-in gid timo? As usual syempre, di ba mig? Tong pili-on kang odninaryo nga paminsarun ka tawo; anhon mo ran kay ordinary lang. law2x, mahina kag labi sa tanan anga! Hotel eh noh?

Alangan man!

Dyang mga masunod nga mga tinaga Andaman nyo sa pagplastar kang panan-awan nyo kay mang-igo dun ja. Kay una bes indi du ran magpadara sa sestema nga napundar nyo. Teh ano man abi kay liwat2x man lang ran scema nyo. Kung madara kaw, bo-ot hambalon, success tanda. Kung mareklamo kaw idis-og kaw. Kung magkontra kaw laban2x under the threat of excommunication dun kaw. Kung mag-disobey kaw duman, ato ay tagbong kaw pagtigok mo sa inferno – kuno. Tinarso! Bishop noh?

Kay man ginsulat ran kauna kang mga kasantosan nyo nga pwidi nyo ilis-ilisan kag ma-ubrahan kang layi ang langit sa “VATICAN II” nyo nga libro kung sa diin ginpagkit rang mga pagpatalang kag mga style2x nga pang-into sa taw okay man nakasestema dun kamo. Tulad angot dun man ran sa kuno “BIBLIYA” nyo. Torah? Constitution? Mamahog kamo dayon kang silot? Ay ahay! Patup-a! Kay tulad amo dun ran ang mangin basihan kang tanan sa lupa para sundon kang langit? Kay ang rules nanda didto sa Vatican II nga to, ano gwa kang langit nyo abi? Paano nyo ran tulad lutsan ran? As in debatable? Huh! Olo mo eh. Madara ayhan sa laway ran? Sa pagpanilag ran masalapu-an mig.

Ang problema kang mga bagay nga jah, sa puno na pirmi masalapu-an eh. Kay man alangan, didto bay gamut na ka ran gakamang. Kag kalabanan, amo ran wara naton natalupangdan. Nga-a? teh kay amo ran ang natabunan. Lantawa  sa Genesis, mapati kaw ka ran? Tas ipas-ok lang ang tanan sa “FAITHLY MATTERS” or “MYSTERY” kung pangtirahun mo kag pang-ukayon. Tinarso nga tinunto ran.

Kag idagdag kaw to dayon sa surogbahan nga inferno kay wara kaw dun kuno it pagtuo. Dipindi man lang ran gali sa kung ano idiwalwal nyo. Nugaya nyo gani ah. Nami pangbonggo-on bagul nyo nga mga anak sang diyos kamo. Mayad gid kamo nga tawo no? mayad gid kamo manunto.

Dya pa gid. Ukayon ta duman ang istorya sagrada.


kag nagpatando-tando man kamo asta tulad sa ….WORD. Ano abi? Kay asta man lang ran sa dila ang istorya nga ran. Ang problema? Indi gid ran ma-obra daw. Kay wara gid man mum. Laway lang ran. Hangin lang ran nga naglusot sa sungad nyo.

Kang wara pa it gyera, tong DIYOS kauna “God of All”, pay kang nagwelga jang si Lucifer nga gintugyanan na it kasanag, piniliman daad kag most pinalangga, ato gintagbong na tana sa inferno, imaw kang mga nagsunod kana martsa. Natabo man ran sa kay Jesus di ba? One reason, bal-an mo? Kay parehas lang tanda tatay. Kag insa may taragbungan dun sa tyempo nga to? Ano man? Tang2x duman aw?

Naaaah…..kung sin-o man jang nagkuris2x kang mga istorya nga ja nagpa-anod2x man kamo. Kag ginbutang man kang mga lipong sa libro kag gin-angot pa gid sa bibliya nyo. Lantawa nyo kung ano nagkalatabo sa tawo. Mahuya kamo.

Ginkuris kang ongo! Lantawa.

Gin-sunod2x man kang mga ongo! Ayos.

Nami man anda luhod2x kag tango2x! wtf.


Kung pwidi daad, bisan didya dulang mapukawan dun kamo. Pay teh maahot gid, klaro2x, success gid tanda – gahinuragok pa tana tinyo. This explains the idioms of “dream big brothers and sisters”, nga-a? Teh kay gaturog kaw, pay mukrat rang kalimotaw mo, ayos no? gets?

Ang hell to hoh, available. Ta bala. Garing init eh, magin-ot. Kag kinahanglan magpakasala kaw pa para kasulod kaw lang. ‘Di pwidi kadiretso nga? Nami aw? Daw prisuhan? Tas, ang gwardya didto sungayan; tinidor pa anda ginapas-an. Muran ideya abi nga gindihon nanda nga ginatawag – “HELL”. Makakurugmat kag makangiridlis- kuno. Pay bishop? Pastor? Padre? Diin ran dapit? Sa prisuhan kang Oton? Sa Iloilo Rehabilitation Center? Pwidi man? Angay2x man? Bilanggutatang! Bilanggu-an.

Rehos tong gintagbungan kay Lucifer? Didto gid man? Diin to? Sa after life? Diin ran? Sin-o kama-an? Sin-o katultol? Padul-ong ko bi to! Dali kamo! Bisan tong logic gani nga ginhurma kang nagaminango lang nga si Russell indi magsugot ka ran. Kay man angot-angotun pa lang jang nga bagay, wara dun it ka-logic2x. Balik nanda ka ran kalabanan, “faithly matters” duman or mas lala’ pa gid “mystery”. Sapol gid mig. Kung nami-an kaw man. Laban2x, makapalangit kaw man.

Kay man gindara lang dya kag ginpa-agi sa otoridad kauna kang mga nagadikta sa katarantaduhan kang katalaw kang tawo nga ginatawag nyo “CLERIKO”. Rehos ni Socrates, died of halophobia; hadlok sa halo. Meaning, natahap magturok sa espeho. Amo ran tama dun gid ka duro2x, rako2x ang anda natunto, indi lang sa lupa, pati pa sa langit kag sa inferno.

Batyagan nyo man ang pagpatalang nga ran?

Pay try ta bi tirahun jang hell nga jah.

Sulod ta janay sa box hah! Tara!

Kalabanan, sa diskripsyon nga aton makit-an, mabati-an kag matalupangdan sa libro nga ginsulat kag gin-obra kang mga full-of-wisdom kauna, sa bibliya and the like,amo ka ja plastar na;

May ngadaba2x ngakalayo all over the place.



Kag rako2x nasugba didto.

Laban2x mga ancestors mo.

Kung mapatay kaw, mabulag rang kalag mo sa lawas mo, ayos no? Dipindi dayon sa kinabuhi mo sa kalibutan ang gamiton nga verdict kanimo. Kung ginlapas mo tong pulo ka sugo nga nasulat sa bato! (lol, kahalam-otan) Pag may ginlapas kaw sa mga sugo nga to, butang ta abi isa lang;


Ato ay, idap-ong kaw kuno sa nagadaba3x nga kalayo. Ato! Didto sa inferno.

Ala man problema noh?

Daw tanan kita didto man masaylo.

Tong kalag nga nagbulag sa lawas mo matumbu-tumbu didto sa kalayo nga to imaw kang nagadab-dab nga santermo.

Nahadlok kaw? Really? Kalag mo dun to. Literally! Wara dun to it panit. Subra duman nga klase it kalayo rang inyo. Pano bay to sunugon ay? Pirti kalait nga schema kang istorya eh. Pay raku2x pa ran na-into-an. Duro2x pa ran wara ka gets, patawhay lang abi nalagas eh.

KAG NAGKA-FLAWS RANG MGA SCHEMAS NGA RAN. Istorya man lang abi. Ato ay, nagka-abriya.

Bisan anhun nanda ka palusot, may isa gid sa sosyidad nga makakita kang anda nga style2x nga ran, kag para mahagan-hagan rang schema nga ran, may style pa gid tanda. Man-an nyo kung ano natabo? Ano duman palusot nanda? Nag-obra tanda waiting shade. Rang kuno abi terminal, kay nagsala pas-ok nanda sa old testament nga ang pulos na du tissue paper lang – oruli bala mig. Then, para mahigot japun ang tawo, ginbutang nanda sa ital2x ang sitwasyon. Sa kaalang-alangan. Teh, sin-o ka ran di marigbusan bungot? Tawo lang man kag gid man, nga=daan – wara gid ga=bag-o.


Ang basura, ibutang janay sa garbage bag kag muran dayon hakoton pakadto sa dump-site. Muran tulad ang basic analogy nga – LANGITmentality.

Gwa no?

Ato ay purgatoryo duman anda nahuman.

Nagsala abi. Kag para mapwersa si JESUS magbalik, tong arabo nga ‘to, manukot. Ja ran makita nga ang pagka-kristyano rehos lang nga nagka-utang kaw sa 5-6. Ayos nga Diyos ah, ginpahampang kang tinuga na SHATBONG.

Kag amo ran nangin rason nga kinahanglan may purgatoryo. Para maghulat kana. Pay diin duman to dapit? Ja duman ta, patalangay duman mig? Paano to mag-agto? Gwa na? imo kaugalingon imo tabon, imo olo imo tandu2x.

Okey dun ang impirno, may purgatoryo pa ta nga ginhurno. Palangit ta duman – dali!

Sa tatlo ka lugar nga adtunan mo pagdido mo amo ja ang pinaka-atik, kag ginbutang pa sa isa ka pan-awan nga matentar kaw gid. Tanan mo abi nga handom didto. Teh, simo bi? Di kaw? Sin-o man karan indi mahigaylo man? Aber? Tanan nga selfishness mo didto pa gid, tanan nga kadalok kang tawo nagtiriripon pa gid – sa langit.



Wara it pag-antos

Di kaw dun mapatay

Pirmi lang sinadya kag lipay2x

(du tagay2x mig)

Hoh! Di pa tana timo? Nano man nga?

Kamango2x kaw dun gid mig. Kung magpati pa timo karan. Intu to-da-max dun tana ja. Boaring2x to eh. Kalipayan nga liwat2x. Maano takun didto bay? Di takun ka dinungol to eh.

Jang panan-awan bala nga giagamit para magdihon kang langit kag impirno nga ja nagasunod man lang sa isa ka ilig kang handum kag dumot kang tawo. Nataka-an dun tana kang kalibutan kag natak-an dun tana magpakatawo.

Hinangag gid mig, suhfffffer!

Man-an mo man gali nga mahulat Kaw didto sa purgaturyo kag purgahon ka pa gid, mapalangit pa trip mo. Tsk2x2x2x. grabe nga style2x. budlay2x, manginlusot pa eh. Kung di timo kama-an manilag, laban2x, didto kaw gid madagdag.

Patintar kaw sa langit


Daw-aton mo jang impirno.

Either way, inatik japun mig. Didto man kaw japun itiklod sa purgatoryo.

Ikaw pili ah!

Pay kung ga-alang2x kaw, tyempo dun ran magpanilag kag magbu-ol it muta mo. Guts dulang ran kulang.

Indi dun pagdamgoha rang mga bagay, jan dun ran sa tubang mo.

Pwidi mo man to balikan basa sa page 100.

Gwa ta dun sa box ah!

Ja sa sunod, pwidi mo man mapili-an, andam lang.

Bangon dun jan.




Tong darwa nga gintira ta gina, ana kang JUDAISMO-TO-KRSITYANISMO-SIRADO nga box to. Amo tong pinakahanggod nga box nga ginasudlan kang doro2x nga tando2x nga tinuga kang mayad-ayad nga DIYOS. From JEWISH MYTH to ROME, then desposed everywhere with European-conquerors and western-manipulators. Prior called LANGAW, the later is LAGONG. Bisan diin lang matongtong, bisan diin lang mabagrong.


Ana tana ja kang mga bitik ni BUDDHA nga nagapati sa pinutyong nga panan-awan, likba-likba – reincarnation.

Tong darwa kaina, mga ilosyon nga mga lugar to para palagyuhan kang tawo kay natak-an dun tana sa pagpigos kang katawhan sa kalibutan. Jang E.D. la-in pa gid. Wara dun tanda nagapalibog kung diin pa tanda mag-agto. Kuntinto dun tanda kang lugar –ang kalibutan, libot-libot lang. Ang problema lang garing, di tanda kuntinto kung ano tanda, presently. Sa kristyanismo tana, darwa gid ang problima, diba mig? Di kaw abi kuntinto sa lugar kag pagkatawo mo. Jang E.D. isa dulang daad ginapalibugan nanda!

Kung – paano ako tulad? It’s not yet.

It’s almost there.

Sulod ta sa box. Ahhhmmmmm…

No choice! Kay ja kaw dun. Nabasa mo dun jah. Naglibog du-gid bagol mo. Ang problema, kay man tawo – indi gid ran makuntinto. Kinahanglan pa kung kaisa mangin mutant para baskog, kinanlan pa mag-inamu, magpinato, mangin-alibang2x ukon mangin kabayo. Raku pa ran. LARVALOGY ran tawag. Daw mga ulod pay alibangbang gali ang matu-od. Amo man ran pagpati nanda. Amo lang ran garing, prerequisite – dapat mayad gid pirmi performansz mo. It was set sa isa ka rule para mapwersa kaw maglagas man sa matag-as nga halintang kang handom kang tawo, jan ka ran masaylo kalag mo. Dipindi man japun sa karma mo. Muran eh – EARTHEANIC DEPENDABILITY.

Du may pagka garu-garo man daad. Garing karulu-oy man japun ang mga nagapati ja ka ran. Insat? Kung dungol abi timo salupsop asta sa tul-an bay?

–  tawo kaw.

Tsugi! Tas reincarnate kaw dun. Kay man dungol kaw, kawatan, butigon, balingag, manug-gancho – butang ta abi sa

–  ayam.

Tigok! Tas reincarnate kaw duman. Kay man dungol man nga ayam, takaban –

butang ta duman sa

–  bitik

Dido! Kay vamfeira rang bitik, reincarnate pa gid. Sa ano duman? Sa…

– Tungaw! (LOL2x)

Budlay2x tana ja. Teh sige, tungaw dulang ah. Kay sarawayon man rang tungaw, kung diin gani igot-igotan mo, didto man tana ka ran ma-ot-ot. Matigok bay ran hay? Mare-incarnate kaw duman? Ano dulang?

Sa obispo?

Sa pari’?

Sa monk?

Sa madre?

Sa pastor?

Sa langaw?

Sa ano pah? Way du gid pulos rang kabuhi mo kung ja pa timo ma-reincarnate ka ran.

Isa man japun dagdagan ta. Sunod2x sa obra kang kalibutan- tiyog2x.

Bisan mare-incarnate ka pa liwat sa tawo, again and again – ang pamangkot. Which life will be the past life and which life is the present life? Wtfffffff!

Ay! May nalimtan ta gali. Paano abi kung nareincarnate timo sa BAKA? Buenas eh noh? Gulpi kaw lang nagtimbo-ok, Brama alike kag du diyos. Amo lang garing ran kung didto timo katupa’ sa INDIA banda. Pay paano abi kung sa PILIPINAS kaw? Tipok kaw japun eh. Kung kaluwas kaw sa carne-norte, tifok kaw sa pata-pata.

Teh ano dulang hay? Kulyaw man tong langit kag impirno. Tas kung magpabilin kaw ja sa lupa, putyong man lang abi gwa mo. Ay nanu?

Ja duman, balik duman ta sa ugat nga natabunan. Di ran dali2x makita. Ano abi kay may ma-umpisahan gani ka sugid2x dayon man kang tawo sunod2x kag impon2x, pati2x kag pa-olamid. Kag tulad hala man kamo kapa-intu, wara du gid tinyo it mahimo aw? Anhon mo ran abi kay tubig lang, pa-ilig2x lang. anhon mo pa gid ran abi kay kawayan lang, palapyok-lapyok lang. anhon mo ran abi kay tawo lang gid mum, kung diin to iban, didto madis-og man. Tawo man lang abi! Ayos! Kutaw2x.

Ano gid man abi kung mareincarnate kaw sa ayam no? janay kaw. Daw rehos man lang noh?

Sa bitik.

Sa tungaw.

Hala! To-od noh! Kal-og gid hoh! Du angay man lang ran.

Batasan ka ayam nga manugtaghol lang!

Sa bitik nga paapok-apok lang.

Sa tungaw nga pang-ot-ot lang.

Sa batasan mag-amo ka ja – du HUMAN man? Teh…..




Masadya ja! Karilingin olo! Teh ano bet mo?

May isa pa man ta nga nabilin ah!

Dali to.



                                                  In ader wurds….earthean mastery!

                                                     Satan and Buddha meet here !



Ano ang mas importante?

Ang kabuhi!


Ang pagkatawo.





                                                As in, this is it! Gid!

Ja tana baskog2x pa gid. Wara tanda natak-an sa kalibutan. Namitan gid tanda. Kuntinto dun tanda mangin tawo, no regret, no left-overs. Ang nangin problema duman, nahadlok dun tanda kang isa ka bagay, ang sabat kang tanan nga problema – ang MAPATAY!

Pay mayad man nga panan-awan no?

Ayos man nga definition kang pagkatawo kang tawo.

“Ja dulang takun kag kuntinto du gid ako kang pagka-ako ko –ever!”

Thumbs up!

good job!

Losser taker kaw dun daad, garing kabus olo mo mig. Gwa mo, shithole digger japun – kanugon. You did not take your leave. Dalok kaw man japun. Indi mo timo pag-iabuno kaonudan mo sa kalibutan? Bagit kaw man imo. Ta-o man sa iban. Kung indi kaw, sige – birahi ka pangotkot kang turuwadan mo.

Okey man daad nga trip, pay insat kabus japun mig aw?

Amo ja mig ay!

Basta ja kaw sa kalibutan, masunod kaw gid ka ran sa tiyog na. pay janay lang, kalma. Correction lang, mukot sa sestema nga tiyog2x nga ang tawo ang nagadikta hah.

Kag ano ran?

May aga, may hapun.

May sab-og, may tipon.

May usap, may pamus-on.

Ang gwa, laban2x, di mo ran mabaton. Ano abi kay naghinangol-hangol kaw duman.

Ran kung gasunod kaw kag gapati “garu-garo” kag “magamo” nga kurti kang olo.

Kung indi kaw mapatay mig, laban gid nga indi man maguba jang kalibot-libot lang. kag syempre wara dun it gadunot. Bo-ot sayuron, wara kaw dun it ginaka-on, kag laban2x, wara kaw dun it ginabun-a eh….nano pa beh?

Pay teh! Anhon mo ran. Dya timo sa kalibutan kag di ba baton mo dun ran. Sa lupa kaw man japun abi gapatong. Bo-ot hambalon, higko kaw man nga maga-agi unargueably sa ginatawag naton –decomposition.

Simpli2x lang gid ja bo-ot na sayuron mig. Magkabuhi kaw suno sa ginakinahanglan kang magapadayon nga kalibutan, indi kang kalibutanon nga katawhan. Indi kaw dun magpa-special2x, TA-E kaw lang, kag batuna ran. Organic fertilizer kaw lang. mangin abono timo. Jang kalibutan, kag jang multiverses, jang chapter, garu-garo lang tana ja. Always as it is pa.

Sa gihapon;

May ma-obra ka pa. palawiga ang mga bagay nga nagabulig padayon kang pagka-kalibutan na, kang pagtiyog2x na.

Pagna-obra mo ran, without APRIORI’s, without prior intention of freedom, love, faith, religion or whatsoever, bo-ot hambalon….


Na-obra mo dun purpose mo nga in the beginning, gusto palagyuhan kang isa ka tinuga nga ginatawag na kaugalingon na nga TAWO. Kag in your undefined contentment, NA-OLIHAN MO DUN BOLI’ MO!

Take your leave…

…and go.

Amo ran ang perfect irony kang pagkatawo kag daw kabuhi gid kang TAWO.



Man is getting afraid, selfish and to much of greediness.

Because what he is looking is inside.

Not using that obvious eyes.

That seeing the badest of breath

The pumpin shit.

-the HEART.

Gamita sakto rang kalimutaw mo,

Look at the distance…

…look around.

Di dun pagdamguha

Di dun paghanduma

Kita mo ran.



Ja, taw-an ta ikaw it isa ka layi kang ginatawag ko;




Earth, Earth to earth so much of being it as earth.

So and so, to barren earth,

Barren earth to destroyed earth

Destruction, destruction to more destruction

More destruction to more and more

More to no more destruction, there will be no decomposition

No decomposition, there will be no regaining

No regaining, there will be no rebirthing

No rebirthing, not death but extinction

Extinction, extinction, more extinction

More extinction to more, and even more

More, more and more to no more

No,no more





Ling2x kag sid-ing sa pihak nga sides.

Jan ran.’


                 All-Rullic World.

By it, this world will recreate itself


By then on;

You cannot be there.

‘Cause you’re just a handful of

Lesser fertilizer.

Nang abi mo, kay rako kaw manggad kag kwarta, daw si pitoy2x kaw dun? Nang abi mo maaram kaw gid;

First Honor


Ultissimus Cum Laude



Matyagan mo gabadlak kaw dun sa langit? Daw star. Du moon. O di gani, du sun? Nga matyagan mo kanimo galibot ang tanan? Hoy bugtaw! Sapat kaw man japun! Gin pabayu-an lang timo.

Liwat, para mas mabu-ol mo!


Ano gid? Kay raku kaw ATM cards?













…talahuron kaw gid?

Madayaw gid ko kanimo? Asig ah. Mayad ngorob mo aw? Teh ano? Akigan mo ko? Leksyonan mo ko? Tinunto! Dupra-an ko olo mo ma man-an mo ay. Mga kabit2x lang ran sa pangaran mo mig. Big deal gid ran dayon? Nugaya ko jan ah. Kung osisa-on mo gid ran, wara gin man it aput ran ah. Kay may nalab-otan kaw? Huh, pati lang ko. Raku lang ran ginhilabtan mo. Oludan kaw man japun karan sa urihi.

Mas kaluluoy ka pa gani!


Kay ikaw ang una nga ginpatalang kag ginhampangan kang sestema. Ok2x lang ran gamay kung gingamit molang rang sestema, mas lala’ pa gid kung gintudlo mo, abaaaaaw…langka2x du gid timo kato eh noh? Kag tulad jan dun ran sa puno kag punta kang pangaran mo nga nagatabon sa pagkatawo mo. Try bala kung mabaya-an mo ran, kung ma-trash-away mo ran. Mapati ko kag ma-bow kanimo.  Taw-an ta pa kaw it thumbs-up. Pay laban2x sugid2x man lang rang imo. Ngaran2x mo man lang ran. Wad-an kaw karan, ambot lang ayhan?

Kung may malab-otan lang gid man handom mo, laban2x mapati gid takun nga sarangan mo ran. Pay para ano ran? Lab-otanay lang nga style? Ahaaaay… tubo man bi gamay oh.

Una-bes, mas makalulu-oy pa timo karan sa tawo nga buangit sa dalan eh. Rang mga yagit kag abi natun wara dun gid it kapuslanan kabuhi nanda kay ginpatumbayaan dun kang DSWD kag sosyidad.

Higko sanda?




Matyagan mo lang ran. Pay sa mas matu-od…baw, mas matu-od gid – as in TRUTHER? Panilagi bala. Istoryaha bala. Imawi bala. May mamulalungan kaw mum. Ano ran? Try bala’. Man-an mo? Wara? Amo ran, paaram-aram kaw, tinikal man lang ran, asta man lang sa malab-otan ka rason ran. Pa doctor2x kaw, pay sa amo pa lang gani ran nga mga kabagayan, wara gali timo hunalong-ong? Ahaaay.

Wara gid timo kama-an?

Kailo kaw man.

Amo ran kay sunod2x lang timo sa sestema. Kung diin gani tiyog na, sunod man to li-og mo.




Pay good compliment pa japun mabati-an mo karan pirmi.

Matinahuron kaw kabay


…hay,katampuhaw gid nga sosyidad jang aton ka jah.

Masakit batunon noh?

Pay amo gid man ran mig, kay man igu kaw. Kung napukawan kaw, batyagan mo ran.

Kang una, magturok ko sa mga tawo nga parawit-rawit lang sa dalan, wara it maka-un, mahigko, ubra lang ka-pangayu-kayu, bahu2x kag wara it madangpan, kahurosbu man pamatyagan ko pay. Gahandum man daad ako; One Day, mabuligan ko man tanda tanan. Mapaka-un kag may madangpan.

Pay la-in natalupangdan ko.

Kang una magturok ko sa mga tawo nga nakakurbata, du mga executive, du mga tag-iya kang dalan, dragkol anda sarakyan, rako gwardya kag mga bosssa opisina, du kakudog2x gid ko karan maghambal sa atubang nanda. Gahandum man daad ako; One Day, labawan ko gid kamo tanan.

Pay la-in pa gid natalupangdan ko.

Mas kailo pa gali ako kung magpadara pa takun kang matag-as ngahandom kang tawo. Nga-a? Lantawa bala kung du ano lang ka irintu-on nga tando2x kang sosyidad jang mga tawo ka ja. Mga PUBLIC SERVANT paran kalabanan tawag kananda, pay sa matuod, kawatan nga indi man nanda mapuslan. Intro nanda pirmi sa tawo, public service rang rason insat jan tanda gasikongkong. Way nyo ran natalupangdan nga ang other spelling kang public service – selfishness?

Kag jan dun ran,tabun-tabunan lang. kay man depindi sa kun ano idiwalwal kang mga maaram kag mga hangkilan. Tong mga may DEGREES kang words of wisdom kag asta lang jan.Nga-a?

Kay teh, degrees man lang! padugang-dugang lang man ka tiriyugon nyo ran.

Pay jang mga manugpakilimus, kung makit-an mo ran,maimawan mo, sigurado gid, lili-an mo bo-ot ko hambalon. Rang kuno abi makalulu-oy sa dalan…

…tanda ka ran ang may ACTION OF WISDOM.

Wara it degree, wara it natun-an gani indi gid mapatiyog-tiyog kang sestema.



Pagusto gid tana ran…as in gid.

Indi ran kaya kang mga tawo nga kuno abi ka-intindi. Kitaay ta to? Rang mga kuno abi nabuta dun kang “understanding”. Kay man mig, sa idalom kaw man japun. Di kaw gani imo kasaka. E-overstanding bala kag tasaka rang sestema nga ran.

Amo gid man ran kung isikway mo ang sestema. Makita naton ang sabat na ka ran didto sa tawo nga garawit sa bangketa. Una, du ka useless nga kabuhi no? Pay an ogid abi kinala-in na ka ran sa kung may itikal gid timo? Bisan anhon mo ranka panghakop ka mga kulang kanimo mig, bisan sang2x mo pa tanan mga ran sa kalimutaw mo, wara gid man ah. Kag tulad mapulok kaw gid kay si kwan kag kwan gid timo? May puder, to da max? May manggad, pwirti? Kag grabi ang tinun-an? Hahaha….anhun mo ran? Sang2x sa sungad mo…ahaaaay.

Ikaw ang pinaka-karadlawan.

Ikaw ang pinaka-na-intu-an.

Wara gani timo kamulalong, nga bisan mag-inano kaw pa.

Ang matu-od …

…abono kaw man lang


As I said:

Most of the time,

I hate doing this,




























Be ready to face all the shittings of life.

Be ready to go to hell.

Be ready to enjoy the beauty of what it means to be the real-life.

Sa imo bi mig?

it is always in your own hands to define for your self…



Life has no rules.

There are rules to live…

                                                …but that’s not life.

It’s just…

                …it’s already yours.

And always be yours to let go.















There are only two tragedies in life;

One is not getting what you want,

And the other is getting it.



Living It Out

29 08 2011

Video created by Paul Nandie Adoracion, Michael Reeve, and Mark Alfred Soriano.

“TAGAY” by Paul Nandie Adoracion

7 07 2011

Life is a survival. We experience our first survival when we are still sperm cells. We race in order to survive and enter the egg cell. And when we are born in this world, we need to survive. Yet we cannot accept the fact that we will all die. And we find ways in order to satisfy our life and want to avoid the sacrifice of life and the difficult way towards death.

All of us are afraid to die. We can’t face the reality that we will die, if not now then later. It is nature of men to defend their selves with the fear of death.  Death threatens every human in this world. According to Hobbes, self defence against violent death is the human’s highest necessity. Human does everything in order to defend himself against violent death.  Defending each own life causes a “war of all against all”. Men are not into the war but for peace, because of the fear of death men seek for peace. To attain peace should enter into a social contract. It is in accepting the common superior power in order to avoid the brute instinct of human and to satisfy their own desire. Social contract theory is establishing a win-win solution, which one gains from one another. It is having a contract that creates an opportunity to satisfy your own self without getting the right of the other to be satisfied. It is establishing a relationship that gives each other the chance to gain. It is win- win, which you are benefiting from the other and the other benefiting from you.

“Such is the nature of men, that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty, or more eloquent, or more learned; yet they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves.”,

These are words of Thomas Hobbes. Yes we acknowledge others but we can’t still believe that they are wise as ourselves that is why we use others to survive. We believe that no one can be wiser than us. We think that people around us are things we need to survive.

Being an assistant procurator of this institution I need also to set up a social contract. As a procurator it is needed to have a social contract so that it is easy to find help from the other people. It is an obligation in which I need to create and established a relationship with the people around me. It is not about dealing with my brothers in the community but also with the personnel, staff, teacher, and even the priest. I need to enter their world and do the things which favoured them and also I will gain from doing such things.  Take for example the personnel, occasionally I buy them something to drink, this act of giving is establishing a contract, they gain because they have something to drink, and I gain because I am establishing a relationship with them that is, in the time I have something to do and I need their helped it is easy to convinced them to help me. They will be ashamed not to help me because I have given them a favour and in return they will give me a favour also. It is establishing a contract with them, we gain from each other, but in the end I will claim the authority I have because I have established a contract with them. It is in every “TAGAY” that we do that social contract is formed. Social contract will be my defence in fear of being rejected; it will be my way to gain the trust of the people around me. It is my defence in order to gain the help of each person under or above me.

I am a kind person that is afraid to deal with other people. I am shame of approaching others even to ask question. Entering to a social contract is not easy on my part. I need to fight my feeling of being ashamed in order to communicate. I am also afraid that when I dealt with somebody I might become authority to them. “nakulbaan ako basi nga nagarelate lang sila sa akon ky may kinanlan sila sa akon kag basi ako magrelate sa ila kung my kinahanglan lang ako”. Social contract gives the opportunity to survive in my daily life. I need to do “this and that” to gain a social contract. I need this in order to survive. Social contract leads me sometimes to be a monster which uses other people for my gain. Yes! We both have our gains and advantage in life but this social contract makes me to relate to others as things which I can use for my survival but not as friend. It will end up with a relationship that is not grounded from trust but from the opportunity of my own survival. “budlay na mang-indi kay man ginpaboran mo sya kag ginpaboran niya man ka”. I am afraid that someday the personnel here may end up doing favours for me because I gave them something. I hope that they do things for me because it is grounded in our relationship as friends, as brothers and sisters.

I hope that in every “TAGAY” or sharing that I will have in people around me will not just create a social which functions only if we needed one another and if we will have something to gain but will function because we have a relationship that was grounded on trust and love for each other. It is in helping in each other that we can survive.

@#*&@$%^*@^% GRRRRRRHHHH!!! by Mark Alfred N. Soriano

7 07 2011

“Why would I make one?” I asked myself as I was seeing myself look like bulls*** staring at the blank screen of the computer, doing nothing for couple of hours already. I cannot compose my thoughts. There is nothing that comes into my mind regarding the asked requirement. And as I was thinking of what could I fill in in this blank page I came to wonder and ask myself. Why am I doing this? Why would I make one? Could I just don’t make it and do other things that would satisfy me instead? I played with some thoughts in my mind and it made me laugh, wonder, and realize.  Practically, this is a waste of time.

Given the chance, I would never indulge myself brainstorming for this paper. I would never ever make myself worry about this “impractical” requirement. Why care and make myself busy with these abstract things? This would not profit me happiness. I would not make good money in this. Making this would not guarantee me absolutely of a stable occupation someday. Just as i daydream always, I could have played computer, play basketball, scout for a white-collared job as early as of this my stage and do all the things I wanted to do. And by mere fact, I believe I am not good in this field. Pushing myself chokingly to do these things would just make me feel bad after realizing that after all l ain’t any good in these things. I would rather enjoy listening to discussions than making myself my own version one.

I don’t know. These things I see myself maybe just so true or maybe not also. I maybe just underestimated myself so much. Hope that you believe the other way around. Perhaps, getting high and consoling result in this paper would be appreciated by me heartily. For such, I would be more inspired and divert my self-image with the more positive one.

Well, anyway, we have discussed lately social contract in our political philosophy subject. And I deem to share my part in this we call the social contract. Social contract, a good concept of human society it is. A stunning reality we have behind what is obvious. Yes, I really mean stunning because it determines how our system goes which usually left unnoticeable for us. It is likely seeing what we don’t usually see. A system it is, should I call it more, a pattern. This is the dynamism of the human society. All of us are engaged unperceivably in social contract. This is, making ourselves like doing things we should do even when we don’t want to do it willingly because of certain demands we are into to make ourselves acceptable ,normal, or to be called “belongs to” in a group, society or in this world. This is, maybe, our lifetime prison cell. We are prisoners of this. Go to the mall and you have to make yourself fit into certain demands. You shop, you stroll, you make your line, and you pay. Though how you wanted to avail things you like freely, you still have to expense yourself. You have to bring out something. You go to school and you should meet certain demands also. You go in with your complete uniform which you find uncomfortable sometimes. You have to bring your books, your notebooks, writing materials and all the things you need. You have to attend the classes though sometimes you don’t feel to. Even how you wanted to be called successful and legible by not making it through schooling or any ways, you can’t get always what you wanted. You have to undergo what had been demanded by the nature of life you wanted to be. And these are, indeed, some of the social contracts we often meet in our lives. All you do is always under certain demands and scarcely would you see that what you get is exactly what you wanted. All the more, we are not absolutely “free”, literally.

Earlier I expressed my heartaches and my disappointments because of not having what I really wanted to do. By possibilities, hmmmm, I may do those but neither would the society see me acceptable and tolerable. So, somehow, there is nothing way out from it. Snub your part and you go your other way around sorrowfully. Neglect what you have to do and you go solo. Permit all your wants and you seem out-of-the-context. And so, what made me enter in this contract?

Dreamer as I am during childhood, I used to tell my parents that I wanted to become a pilot, a doctor, or like this or that. I wanted to be a professional someday and be also called successful as others are. “You study well first and be whoever you wanted to be,” they replied. And so I tried also my best to do well in school even though I bid more to play, sleep, watch tv, enjoy childhood friends and exhaust my childhood years as truly a child. I go to school completing attendances and doing all the obligations as a student. I make homeworks, projects and study. I continued and bore early fruits in my academic journey throughout the years. And here now I come upon the realization of myself soaked in the pool of the social contract. After all those things I have done on my life, I could even say that half of it was not really a fully willed intention by mine. It was rather out of obligation, out of compliance and out of living an ought-to-be-life. And by which I clearly see my being soaked in the pool of social contract. I go to school that I may be successful someday. I study and do all the obligations I have to do in school that I may maintain my status as a good student towards being successful someday. I do comply this paper because I need to in order not to fail and to be still in the right path towards my dreams. I have to do all these things, even though sometimes I opt in my mind not to do, because I am called to do so by this social contract. And this is life.

At times I wonder how or when I would be free from this burden of mine. And I smirked when I foolishly thought of ending what have had started all this cycle; life. But surely that is not the way. I pondered, when almost all the things I have done was not really what I wanted, then how was I able to get out into and stand out still amidst those barricades? And all I had mind in mind was because “I learned to love this.”  This, I think is where and when we could have a deep sigh amidst the pool, when we learn to love what we are doing. And by mere fact, loving this would make you enjoy what you are doing and maximize all what you can do. And it makes you free; free of worries, free or burden, free of problem and free of having a doubt in your life. I, at once, see making this paper as a burden but because I learned loving this I end myself up enjoying this and seeing this worthwhile. Anyways, doing this would not kill me and would even make me stronger. Getting unto this social contract means no harm entirely as it is, but in fact by some points, giving me and you some merits.

I started this up intrigued and burden but then ended up with a smile and sigh of realization of another points of how wondrous life is. Now this is it. This is life and this is how it moves. Knowing this makes me, at all, to be thankful that I met my brilliant professor and this wonderful subject because after all, I learned not only concepts and the personalities behind it but all the more I learned how to love and appreciate how wonderful life is. Indeed, I am truly blessed.


To be in Social Contract is to enter in the person and Person of the person by Reynard Tubid

7 07 2011

Man by nature is free and rational. He has the capacity to be in contact with his fellow being. He lives in a world where in there is an accessible right and privilege. Basically, he is challenged to exercise his right and duty in order to prove his rationality and mutuality towards other people. The more he is involved in his surrounding and society, the more he is responsible and alive. He embodies the world and the world becomes part of his existence. As man continues to live in a world, he classifies himself as part of the society which composes the world. The society presents to man the tasks he must do and the deficiency that requires alteration.  In order to make it firm, the people who compose the society do not settle only in mediocrity. They create a system to which people are encouraged to join and will eventually enter into contract. Since these persons are responsible with one another, they follow a common identity which makes them to be united. The getting in touch with one another and the going into one another creates a socially inclined environment. Within the process of social gathering, they form a social contract which enhances a relational attachment and commitment to share one’s right. This can only be done through agreement and settlement within the sphere of social contract.

I understand social contract as a process of giving up something by laying down one’s right and unite mutually to the political society agreeing to follow the rules, accept duties and responsibilities and protect the rights and privileges of one another from chaos. In the process of social contract the person who wants to gain order in life has entered into a pact in which he is aware that his involvement does not only require mere presence but conscious self-giving towards unity from political society. When he accepts fully the responsibility, he is expected to be at work in any field of life as long as it contributes to the nourishment of the member’s relationship and strengthen their rights and privileges. To be in social contact means to undergo self-denial. When one commits to lay down his right, he must learn to respect the dignity of other members. He should actualize proper attitude and balance treatment for other constituents. When these tendencies are being seen to the person, he will receive also just compensation for allowing goodness to thrive in his personality. The larger group serves as a witness for the concern and honor he gives. And with that, he enjoys also the rights and privileges for an exemplary action. If he does good the consequence will always good but if he settles with vice-versa, he suffers a lot.

As an individual who decided to enter and be part of the social contract, I have four reasons why I do so.

  1. To exercise my universality and identity as an individual.

When I engaged myself in social contract, I am coming out into my comfort zone. If before, I enjoy my liberty without knowing when this might lead me, after a long and thorough examination of my own self, I decided to enter into a social contract because it highlights my worth as a person and my involvement to a larger world. I don’t want to remain in the realm of egology but I want to savour the splendour of universality. To become universal means to be available for all. It is another way of saying, to be universally equipped means to exercise one’s identity. There can even be stimulation of identity leading towards a productive and responsible life. When I am universal, I grasp a wide perception of reality. My identity becomes collective and resounds in many things.

  1. To be mutually involved with somebody by giving my own share.

When I give myself for others, I become mutually connected. The sharing of my right does not only remain in the act but it penetrates the deep recesses of my spirit for sharing my all with sincerity and commitment. To give something is more than receiving. When I give, it is then that I become mutually present and active in everything I do. When I get involved into somebody, I gain confidence, love and familiarity. The more they reveal themselves to me, the better I mirror myself to them. I realize who I am through my actions.

  1. To enhance my reputation and to gain friendship.

In entering into social contract, I realize that there is a movement of elevating one’s dignity. If I treat them morally, they treat me also the way I did a particular action. When there is respect to one another, the spirit of friendship and a sense of belongingness will eventually arise. If my dealings with the members are acceptable and proper, I guess they’ll uplift my person and uphold my reputation accompanying me to enter into a strong relationship and friendship.

  1. To express my trust to the political society and to experience theirs also.

Trust is the fundamental value in social contract. I enter into the stream of their consciousness, offer my allegiance to obey all the standards and commit myself to serve for the preservation of freedom, it’s all because I trust to their capacity to lead us towards the common good. I know, the political society is composed of persons whom I consider sovereign. They embody a significant role in my life. I am convinced to enter into contract because I want to measure how long can they be trusted or until when I will give my full trust to them. I do believe when trust is abused, the contract dies a natural death. Trust summarizes everything. All other values are being exercised because there is a definite ground-trust. I want to be in common because they trust me. My experience of commonality and trust with them, enrich my person and recognize my capacity to give mine as a return.

These four reasons are my point of reference in entering into social contract. As a person I do realize my worth. I come to know that whatever I have is not mine. It is worthy to be shared for others. If I have surplus of wealth, it is not anymore my own wealth; rather it belongs to the common members. My world becomes more unified, vivid and wide. I learn not to settle with my own convenience and selfish interest but to be a real person who knows how to reach out and to exhaust my capabilities for a larger group of people. I would like to end this reflection by quoting Rev. Fr. Doming in one of his philosophical write-ups. “The community is implicit in every individual. And man is not only part of society but society is an essential part of man. Man is part of society in the sense that man, as an individual person is in the world of other Persons (society). As much as man is part of other’s world, other’s world is part of his or her world also.” Thus, to be in social contract means to enter into the person and Person (society) of the person, becoming a responsible and accountable member of a group owning my freedom to express my sentiments for the common good.

Am I in or out? by Ryan Calica

7 07 2011

When I was about to enter the seminary, it was not of my great concern who will spend for me considering the big amount of money to be spared for my board and lodging and school fees. All I have thought about was, I am determined to enter the seminary. Then all of a sudden, a divine providence – as I would look at it – Mr. Adriano Pelaez or Tito Adi as we commonly call him came across my way. The story goes this way: when my mother visited my guidance counsellor in Iloilo National High School (that is because they are friends) while they were talking with each other, a phone call rang; it was To Adi. He asked about the payments of a student in that school whom he is supporting. Then, of all the many topics they were talking in the phone, the matters on seminarians came out. Since she knew that I was about to enter the seminary and I needed financial assistance from a benefactor or sponsor she endorsed me to him. To Adi, in his willingness, asked my counsellor to let me have an interview with Fr. Richard. I came into the seminary to have an interview with Fr. Richard and the rest is history. That day, I was given a benefactor whom I never expected to come so smoothly along the way.

Now I am already fourth year college. It is more than 4 years since he started helping me. I have always considered his sponsorship as something out of his generosity and there will be no pressure along the way when it comes to my discernment and ultimate decision whether to become a priest or not. But as time goes by – 4 years of financial assistance – I already felt a kind of pressure which I am so uncertain where it is coming from: from me, from him, from the “general” people around me – like what will they say if I will proceed? ginpangwartahan ko lang ang tawo… or gin into ko lang siya… etc. The pressure could be in a form of expectations – too high expectations, debt of grace – which is very strong in our culture, compensation for his labour for my studies, etc. These thoughts and questions are very present in me especially that I am now fourth year college. It is one of the many factors that affects my discernment and decision whether to proceed to theology (if I will be recommended) or to take regency or choose the alternative lifestyle. And to my realization, as we discussed Hobbes in political philosophy, I have entered into a social contract – a very complicated social contract.

The social contract is Hobbes’ solution for achieving peace; but this peace is just an artificial contrivance. Humanity, according to Hobbes, in its natural state, is in war and we have to use our ingenuity in order to defeat our nature – that is to achieve peace. Hobbes believes that we are in war because all peoples have desires. Desires are part of a bigger understanding of emotions. Emotions, taken from its root – motion – are what move us. Hobbes called those emotions that move us towards something as “appetites” or “desires,” and those emotions that make us go away from something as “aversions.” If these desires could be satisfied, then we can achieve what Hobbes calls as felicity or happiness. Although he admitted that desires for the things we like never ends, but satisfying one’s desires with pretty good rate, then we will be happy. Going back to the all peoples have desires; however, the objects for satisfying these desires are scarce, because of the nature of the physical world and because some of the things we desire just cannot be shared. Human beings by nature strive to increase their power in order to satisfy their desires; since all people are doing the same thing, competition begins. But there is another problem to which human beings are bound to – that is the limitedness of our knowledge of what others are thinking. We may read gestures or symbolic actions of others but it is not a reliable data for interpreting the exact intentions others have. With this arising competition and the truth that no one can ever read one’s mind to whatever one plans, suspicion is born.  Moreover, we should also consider another facet of Hobbes’ understanding of human nature, that is, the aversions. We know that people fear death and wounds, and are very anxious of their futures. Fear, as a very powerful and universal passion, is an emotion that makes go away from something. In as much as possible, we avoid those things that could lead us to death such as disaster or accident, the things that could wound us and cling to the things which could give us security and assurance for the future.

Given these pieces of Hobbes’ thoughts: we all have desires because satisfying them leads to felicity, the objects our desires are scarce; thus, we begin to compete, we all resort to power and its continual increase in order to satisfy these desires, we don’t know how would other people attain their own respective desires or what would they do to satisfy their desire; thus suspicion arises, we fear death and wound and the uncertainty of the future; thus, we cling to things that could give us assurance and security from these threatening factors; with all these; indeed, humanity is in war. We all fight for our life, we secure the things we need to ensure the preservation of life and these endeavours are to maintain life; in this context, the social contract make sense, the social contract gives solution.

In the axiomatic system of Hobbes, in providing a solution to the natural state of humanity, he considered two methods: the intellectual way to prove his points and the experienced-based method. Using the intellectual way, reason would tell us to make agreements, to establish laws, to enact restrictions, to bind ourselves to these laws and restrictions, and thus create duties and obligations for ourselves. Reason tells us to create moral rules in order to preserve ourselves. We need to have a contract with each other in order to ensure our own lives.


Why have I considered the relationship between me and my benefactor a social contract? It is a social contract only in some sense and to some certain degree. When I first talked to him, he never mentioned that I should really become a priest nor he mentioned anything about compensation or debt of grace. He did not. Since I am in constant communication with him through e-mail and personal visit whenever he is in the country (he resides in the US), we have learned to have a good relationship. But as time went by, the flow of his stories, in my own assessment, marks a kind of pressure that I should pursue the priesthood, the bias for priesthood. It is not the kind that forces me, but the underlying messages between his lines suggest that I should. In to this, I somehow felt a pressure. I know that my discernment should be true to my context: my real desire, what I want in life and I should not be affected by these external factors, but considering that I have entered into an unspoken and “socially-understood” or should I say stereotyped agreement, I am bound to comply with considerations – the ones that favoured more to them. This social contract, as I would lightly consider this, is not so much of a threat for my security and so much for me as to achieve peace, but in a sense and in comparison with Hobbes idea of social contract, I am really in to it.

Of course I don’t set aside the genuineness of To Adi’s desire of helping; that is his generosity and kind-heartedness. But looking at it at Hobbes perspective: the hidden agenda, the suspicion, the security, he could possibly intended to have supported me because he wants credentials for his help – he’ll become famous or people will admire him for such a good act, or he could be expecting something in return when I become a priest – he could have me as his personal priest that whatever he wishes me to do, I will do for him because I have an “utang na loob”. Likewise with me, I may have also hidden agenda in receiving him as a benefactor: I could be just using him in order to finish my college education and then after leave him or I could still be clinging in to him because I know I could still ask him for many help in the near future because of his money and influence. These possibilities could be true or not but these remains possibilities unless it will unfold in the future; these are fruits of suspicion which Hobbes believed in to be inherent among human; these possibilities may be our security, our defence. But Hobbes is not really right at all times. There may be application of his theory but to the universal context it may not necessarily apply to all.

I still believe in love, in trust and in peace. Hobbes may be a bit insecure of himself and extreme in his theory. Without minding his context, that he was in the time of civil war, Hobbes could have appreciated the goodness of human nature and formulated a different and positive theory about the nature of human being, of war and peace. He may be right at some point and some context because he was really presenting and prescribing a solution to his present social context.

I may be in a so-called social contract – the light sense of looking at it, but this is not because both of us want to gain from each other. It may be considered as a free- gift, a kind of social contract wherein one party of the contract does not lay down his right or does not imposes terms of conditions; just a free-gift in its literal sense, like that of a real friendship and not a covenant, the other kind of social contract which I was referring to above. Or should I even say that I am not in a social contract just to get out in Hobbes conception of human state – war. Now, I am confused but whatever it may be – am I in or out in the social contract and another “social contract” (to which only a few know), the thing is, his sponsorship have helped me a lot in my seminary formation and this is changing the course of my life.